Familiar face

I remember those grey eyes and dirty blonde hair but from where.....?????


2. you: 2

Nialls POV

The lads went to go get a child from an orphanage its not for a major reason just so we can have another member of one direction. The boys left me to go shopping and set up her room thats right a her the boys want a girls because it gets boring with just a bunch of guys. I went to he mall and got:

-30 beanies on a rack u put on ur door

- laptop (apple)

- iphone 5 gold

- dresser



-32in tv

I couldnt get any clothes, paint or beding because i didnt know what she would like. When i got home i set up her room. Then i heard the boys come home and i rushed downstairs to meet the girls but she wasent there? " where is she" i asked " we couldnt find anyone that we liked" lou said " well then we are just going to have to go and look again with me!" I said

*skip car ride

We went to several places and nothing. But there was one more place we could go and this was our last chance. We walked in and i noticed a girl who looked at me and i looked at her, i remember those grey eyes and that dirty blonde hair but from where?

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