Familiar face

I remember those grey eyes and dirty blonde hair but from where.....?????


1. Me: 1

"Madison!" Mrs. Monroe called

Ugh i hated her, i hated everything about her! Her smile, her laugh, her witch voice that still rang in my ears.

"What!" I yelled trying to sound as polite as possible.

"Be down in 10 minutes!" She squealed

"K" i mumbled

I was in my room doing absolutly nothing, excepted thinking. I was thinking about my life if i ever got out of the orphanage.i still remember sitting in a wooden cabin on the lower bunk of a bunk bed when all of a sudden a satry ran in and blacked me out. Then when i woke up i was in the orphanage, i was 5 and now im 15. I have been here for 10 years i thought to myself.

Then i remember Mrs. Monroes terrible voice saying " be down in 10 minutes" ugh. I got up and brushed me dirty blonde hair. Then i changed into my black sweater that said in gold print: love, i squeezed into my faded skinnys and put on my black biker boots and black beanie. I look close in the mirror to look at me grey eyes, and other features satisfied with the way i looked.

I ran downstairs to see a familiar face.....

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