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this story will have both one direction and hunger games in it!!! hope you like it!!! haha jk i hope u LOVE it!!!


3. junior high

8th grade 

Louis's P.O.V.

I cant believe its already the last day of 7th grade. It was crazy it felt like it was just yesterday that I was dancing the wobble with Jenna at Homecoming and know im going to be an freshman. I couldnt believe it. The best part was all the 7th graders and I where going over to Jenna's at 7 and partying untill we couldnt anymore. I helped Jenna pick the theme, it was neon. I would go over to her place after school so I could help her decorate. I couldnt wait, we even had face paint so that we would glow in the dark too. 


*at Jenna's house*

Jenna's P.O.V. 

Me and Louis started to hang up all the decorations for the party. We had Black lights hanging from the very top of the canopy and then neon lights hanging like streamers. It was so amasing and very breathtaking. It was now 5 o'clock, we had 2 hours to get ready. I went and put on my neon pink leggings and then put my neon orange skirt over top of them. I then put on my lime green tink top that said neon on it in big cartoon letters. Then my rainbow neon shoes went on. I then put on my neon yellow eyelashes, my neon blue lipgloss, and then took face paint and drew different shapes all over my face. I then put my hair up with a yellow scrunchy and a pink bow, which of course completed the look. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saa. I walked out of my room and let Louis go in so he could get ready. 

Louis's P.O.V. 

Jenna came out and wow was she neon! It was great!! I then went into her room and got dressed. I put on a pair of both neon yellow, green, and blue stripped shorts. Next the shirt, it was bright pink and said "does neon look great on me or what?!?" I put on my shoes next, which where just plain white since the black lights would make them light up. I then called Jenna in to do my face paint because well that was not my best department. She put just a bunch of random lines making me look like a neon tiger. Then she took the neon blue washable hair spray and sprayed it all over my hair. We looked great!!!! 


*the next morning*


Jenna's P.O.V. 

I woke up and looked at the clock, yuck 9 a.m. I looked over to see Louis passed out on my floor with all of his neon still on. I got up and got in the shower to wash off all of the neon still left on me. After my shower I put on my galaxy leggings and a sweatshirt. Then I went downstairs to make some breakfast. Louis must have smelt it because before I knew it he was down here eating all of the bacon. After we had breakfast Louis went home. The rest of the day I just watched tv and was lazy. 

*beginning of summer*

Jenna's P.O.V. 

I spent most of my day paking for california and telling all of my friends goodbye. Louis took it really hard, he couldn't believe I was leaving for a whole year. He told me how he was going to miss me and how he didn't know what he was going to do without me. It just made me laugh because he acted like I was leaving forever!! I was both excited and sad to be leaving. Excited because it was CALIFORNIA how could I not be excited!!!! But I was also really sad because I had to leave all of my best friends. Right before I left Louis came up and gave me a big hug and a little box. He told me to not open it untill I was at the airport. Know that all of my bags where packed and I have said all of my goodbyes, I got into my moms car and went to the airport. Once I got there I opened the gift from Louis it was a diamond heart necklace, that had "forever and always" engraved on it. I loved it soooooo much!!!


*middle of next summer*

Louis's P.O.V. 

Today was the day Jenna was coming back!!!!! I am sooo nervous, what if she doesn't wanna hangout with me!?!? What if she's changed and thinks im wierd?!?!? I guess ill just have to wait and find out what she thinks of me!! I asked Jenna's mom if i could come with her to pick up Jenna and she said yes! We were now at the airport and I was just minutes away from seeing Jenna. I didn't even recognize her. She had dip dyed her blonde hair and was wereing a pink tinktop with a white tinktop over top. She also had on a pair of cut shorts with flower lace on them. To complete the look she had on silver sandles, a few braclets, and a ring that looked like a cross. The most important thing she was wereing was the heart necklace I had given her before she left. I was really happy to see her wearing it.


Jenna's P.O.V. 

I just got off the plain, and man was I happy to be home!!! I saa my mom, but I also saa someone beside her. OMG!!! It was Louis, I didn't even recognize him!!!! He had of course gotten taller. He also had longer hair now and looked more mature. He had on a pair of work pants and a blue v-neck. He looked great, maybe even a little hot. I couldn't believe the change in him.


Louis's P.O.V.

I didnt know what to do, but I did know how to say hello. So thats how I started. I hugged her and said, "hi Jenna, you look great!" I also told her,"I've missed you so much!" I wasn't lying either!!!! Then she said the same to me. All I thought about all year was her and about when she was coming back. And I had to admit she looked GREAT!!!!! 

After we got back to the car we didn't talk untell we got to her house. We talked for a little while and then I left so she could get her sleep. 

Since then we talked every day and hung out every other day. 


authors note:

pls comment what you think it really means a lot ot me!!!! lov you all!!!! <3 :) 



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