chalk outline

Life is not just about the joy, the hurt. But every thing smashed together


1. 1

                                                                  Chalk Line
You left me behind stone walls.
You keep coming back to the scene of the crime.
But the dead can't speak, there is nothing left of me.
You cry, you morn.
You still can't forgive yourself.
As if it were your fault I'm dead.
But you still try.
You try to find some life left.
But you find nothing.
You go around a time or two.
Items were hidden.
 Life was stolen.  
You live inside the chalk line.
I live out side the chalk line.
I was everything to you.
Then I fall from the sky from the stars.
You still are clueless of my life.
I still watch you morn.
And I still live outside the chalk line.

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