My life today is not My life yesterday

Yesterday; it was all the usual Today; everything is different and new but most of all adventurous.
My book is creative and i hope you will be inspired and like the book. I hope to be a writer one day, hope you enjoy.


4. now i know somethings up

June 4th 2012

Today, where do i begin? i found out i was being pranked by………………………………………. getting invited to a birthday party, it was tonight so it was a late invitation and my parents still said yes like they were happy I'm getting out of the house. i went and i got asked to dance and i danced with the most popular guy in school!!!!!!!! then he said come over here i went and didn't notice there was a rope i triped on it and fell onto the desert table. people were laughing and the popular girl winked at me like it had been planned the whole time then when i though it couldn't get worse she threw a pie at my face and it was raspberry and did i mention i was wearing a beautiful white dress. she stopped everyone from laughing and said "everyone stop laughing this is not funny" then she got a blue berry pie and threw it on my head my hair was blue!!!!!!!!! and she had said "now theres a reason to laugh. and i ran out crying and i was so embarrassed and just when i thought things were going to get better. i got home didn't bother talk to my parents they wouldn't understand, half the time they don't remember my name and they don't even know my birthday. so they won't understand my life and even if i did tell them they wouldn't care. well i guess write to you soon valerie

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