Hey, That's Life

Olivia Cooper is a very organized girl. She has her whole life planned out from start to finish. But what happens when things start to not go her way. When life decides to take the wheel and put Olivia in the passenger seat. It all starts when the college she wants may not be the College she gets. This changes her life that she has planned forever. But maybe life is trying to tell her something. If you spend so much time looking into the future, you'll be blinded by the present.


2. chapter 2

Five days.

It has been five days since my rejection letter.

I actually feel a little bit better, but not that much.

Ring* Ring*

" Hello?"

"AHHHH!! I got in! I got in!"


"That's great!" My voice cracks.

Sierra has been my bestfriend since 4th grade. We are inseperable. She has wanted to go to University of the Pacific since Freshman year. I guess she got in. Don't tell her this but, im really surprised! She is kind of dumb. But i still love her.

"I know, Im already packing!"

" But it's still July! UOP doesn't start untill August 30"

"Who cares Know-It-all"

Did I mention she is rude?

"Anyway, did you get into that tea freak school?"

She has always hated England. Don't ask me why.


"I take your silence as a no?"

"I didn't get accepted"

You can feel the saddness in my voice.

"Oh, i'm so sorry!"

No your not.

"It's fine, let's stop talking about it?"

"Ok, good because I wanted to tell you about this cute boy at the mall!"

I started zoning out right about there. Emily always has a new "cute boyfriend" who later just breaks her heart. I'm not in the mood for another "he's the perfect boyfriend for me" speech.

Just as she got to the part where she goes up to him and asks for his number, I remembered that another college acceptance letter was coming today.

Probably going to be another dissapointment.

I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen to get some food, im starving! My mom is making a sandwich for herself.

"Good morning, Honey"

"Good morning mom. Im feelimg much better now!"

"Thats great! There is another letter for you on the table. Of corse when your ready though"

Why not just do it now?

I go over to the table and find a huge packet from San Diego State. That's weird, the one from England was just a letter.

Maybe thats a good thing!

I slice open the top and pull out a huge packet of papers. The very top was a letter:

Dear Miss Olivia Cooper,

It is with great honor to announce that you are accepted!

In this packet, you will see applications and anythingyou need to know about our campus. If you have any questions, please call us.

Thank you.

San Diego State

I set down the letter and look at the other papers.

The letter wasnt lying, it really did have anything I needed to know about the campus, all in 50 pages.

My feel my mom come up from behind me and she can tell that I got accepted just by looking at me. It also had to do with the noticably bigger pile of papers.

"Congrats, Sweetie!"

I now feel alot better.

At least I was accepted by one school.

I still have to hear from one more school, but I already like SDS alot.

As I look through the papers, I noticed that we start in on August 7th.

That's only 30 days until I leave! I better get started now.

But first I have to call Sierra.

After three rings, she finaly answers.

"Hey, girl, you still depressed about that stupid school?"

"No, I actually called to tell you that I got accepted into San Diego State! And what's got you so grumpy?"

"I'm not, I just don't care about your problems about that school, it's a stupid school."

"Ok, then"

"Oh shut up! You know I love you! And congrats on the acceptance."

What a jerk she is!

"K, I have to go now"


I hang up.


That's all I have to say about that conversation.

She is such a brat. Why did I put up with this for years?!

Now that I am going to become an adult and start my new life, I have to change some things.

The first thing will be her.

The question is, how?

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