'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


12. " You Ready ? "

** Flora's P.O.V **

I sat down on the floor , my knees to my chest while my head rested on them . Ugh this is stupid , Im stupid ! Why come back when I had 4 more days left , I could have thought and tell Justin on his birthday , right ? Well his birthday is in like a month . Sitting down here thinking is good for me instead of going off on people . I whipped my head to the side to see Justin has been calling my name .

Was lost in confusion like an illusion , like always.

" Yeah ? " I said , what has he been telling me .

"Aye Flo i said Melissa is sleeping come up to bed " He said .

I got up and justin wrapped his arms around my waist .

" ssh don't be loud ok ! " justin said and I nodded my head .

We quickly but quietly made our way to Justin's room .

Once we got to his room he pinned me against the wall , he started to kiss my neck and leave love bites .

" mhm justin " I said wrapping my hands around his neck , bringing his lips down to my lips .

Oh god , how i missed his lips , they were soft and gentle and pink plum .

He bit my bottom lip asking for entrance I gladly accepted . His tongue exploring my mouth .

I moaned in his mouth when he squeezed my butt .

No matter how much has happened in the past i have missed this like hell.

We haven't been this close before i got pregnant with Melly.

He pulled away and rose his eyebrows as i caught my breath.

"Do wanna do this?"He whispered in my ear.

My body trembled.

I bit my lip and kissed him with passion and pulled him closer so are bodies were pushed against each others.

He pulled me off the wall and laid me on the bed.

He climbed over me and kissed down my neck.

He continued to leave love bites and suck m sweet spot as i pulled his hair.

His big hands were tugging my shirt.

His lips connected with mine again.

He pulled my shirt off and smiled down at me.

"Your so Beautiful"He smiled.

I blushed and kissed his jawline and he tensed up instantly.

I new he loved when i did this to him.

I kissed down his neck and sucked on his sweet spot like he did to me.

I heard him grunt and i giggled against his neck.

"Fuck"He moaned.

"I want you"He said nibbling on my ear.

He grabbed my bra and he unsnapped it.

My insecure side came out as i got nervous and covered up once justin took my bra off.

"Baby"He moaned.

I hold my breath.

"Relax your perfect to me"He said pulling my arms away.

I relaxed myself as his sweet plum lips landed on my stomach.

He started kissing and giving hickeys up my stomach until he got to my breast.

He looked up at me giving me a look of hunger.

As he grabbed one of my boobs and swirl his tongue around my nipple.

I swing my head back and moan loudly as he

sucked each boob.

It felt so good.

To be loved by him again.

He slowly kissed down my stomach again and his hands gripped my pants and he pulled them down and off.

I bit my lip watching his every move.

He brought his face up to mine and smiled.

"Remember...."He trailed off rubbing my thigh gently.

"When we had sex... for the first time"He whispered deeply.

I nodded biting my lip.

"And you were such a ..... good girl... and you weren't touched like this"He rubbed his fingers over my area.

I bit my lip harder.

"Before"He whispered.

"Yeah"I moaned.

He ran his hands along the ends of my lace underwear.

"And i remember when i did this"He pulled down my lace underwear and lowered himself down there.

I felt his hot breath on my area and i choked on the air.

"You were shaking like crazy"He whispered after chuckling lowly.

All i wanted was him to make me feel good but he wouldn't hurry the damn up.

He is such a tease.

"I knew you wanted it so bad the first time..... and now"He said.

"Now you want it More"He chuckled.

"Justin stop teasing"I groaned.

He laughed.

"What do you want huh?"He said teasingly.

"I want you to fuck me justin"I whispered.

"Huh?"He acted like he couldn't hear me.

"I Said-" He put his tongue on my area as he started to lick me up and down.

I grabbed his hair and push his head father down.

I moaned uncontrollably.

He stopped and put to fingers in me which caused me to squeal.

"Shh baby girl.... don't wanna anyone to hear"He smirked.

I gave him a death stare.

He put three and i bit my lip as hard as i could so i couldn't cry out.

"Fuck justin"I whispered.

He went faster and pleasure went over me.

"Justin i want you"I moaned.

"Then have me"He said.

He licked his fingers and he stripped down.

I saw his dick and my eyes went huge.

Shit! I don't remember it being fucking huge.

"I might have grown"He chuckled.

"I promise it's gonna feel as good as it did last time"He said positioning himself over me.

"Justin you have protection , right?"I laughed.

"Ah shit you caught me"He chuckled.

He walked over to his dresser and got a condom and put it on as i bit my lip watching him.

He slowly walked over and and positioned himself again.

"You Ready?"He smiled.

I shook my head nervously.

"Hey.... and don't be afraid to leave those scratch marks on my back"He whispered in my ear.

Before i could respond he pounded into me as i cried out in pain.

Shit his length hurt me so fucking bad.

He started pounding into me as i held on to his shoulders.

The pain started to fade away as i scratched his down his back.

"Yes baby"He growled.

He went faster and my legs started to hurt.

"J-Justin i'm about-"I was cut off.

"No baby... i need you t-to put your legs in the air"He growled.

"M-My legs justin"I moaned.

"I know baby but it will feel good"He whispered.

I put my legs up in the air as he went faster.

"Justin!"I screamed.

I didn't even care if i was loud.

I felt him release inside of me and he slowly pulled out.

We were both sweating and panting.

I looked up at him and stared in his beautiful brown eyes.

"I will love you forever flora..."He said kissing me with passion.

When we pulled away and i smiled.

"Me too jay"I whispered biting my lip.

He smiled and stood up and took off the condom and he laid down next to me.

He got under the covers and i did too and he pulled my naked body to his.

He breathed on my neck .

"Goodnight baby"He said yawning.

"Goodnight jay"I smiled letting my eyes get droopy. 


I was woken up with the bed shaking constantly.

"Mommy! Mommy!"Melly screamed.

My eyes instantly shot open.

Mel was jumping on the bed.

I gasp and i look at myself and justin.

The covers covered us.

I let out a happy breath.

Thank you covers.

Justin stirred and groaned.

"Justy! Mommy"She said.

Awh so justin wanted her to call him justy in front of me so i wouldn't figure out he told her...

"Hey melly"I said pulling the covers a little over me and they were around justin's waist.

"Mhm"Justin groaned.

"Justin"I said.

He opened his eyes and flinched when he saw mel.

He looked down and saw he was covered and he let out a sigh.

"Thank the lord"He whispered.

"Hey princess"He smiled at her as she was all jumpy.

"Mommy you came home early"She squealed.

I laughed.

"Yeah i just missed you guys so much"I smiled at justin and back to mel.

"Oh yes you did"He chuckled.

I hit his arm and he gave me the pout.

Mel laughed even though she had no idea what we were talking about.

Lets keep it that way.



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