'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


2. "Nice Seeing You Again Flo"

***Flora's P.O.V***

"Mom class ended i am on my way to get Melissa and drop her over there"i told her. "Actually sweetie my boss called she wants me to take lisa's shift , i'm sorry"my mom said. I groan in frustration and i sigh. "I'll have to drop her off at the daycare then"i sighed. "Thanks sweetie.. i promise i will next time"my mom said. "Ok love ya"i said. "Love you too"she cooed and hung up the phone. I sit down in my car and throw my phone in passenger. I start it up and drive back to Melissa's school. I saw kids were running to buses and laughing and playing around. I saw Melissa running towards me. "Mowmy!"she shouted. I gave her a hug. "Hey sweetie get in the car"i said kissing her head. I git in the car and i looked back at her and she buckled her seatbelt.

"Mowmy, guwess what hwappened two day"she said in her baby voice. I giggled. 

"What sweetie"i said starting the car.

"I met twese 2 new stuwents one was a boy and the other was a girl... they were broder and swister"Melissa said excited. 

"Oh really huh? what's these little ones names"i asked.

"Jazzy and Jaxon"she cooed.

I laughed.

"Well Jaxon better stay away from you ok sweetheart"i joked. 

"What evea mowmy"she said playfully.

I pulled up to the day care and i got out and i got Melissa out.

I walked up to the doors and came in.

I saw John and Katie at the front desk.

There faces light up.

"One of are favorite kiddos is here!"john said hugging melissa and melissa hugged back. 

"Can i have her here until about 7?"i asked.

"Yea yea sure no problem!"katie said hugging melissa to. 

Melissa Looked in the play area and she jumped up and down.

"Mowmy! mowmy! Jazzy and Jaxon are here"Melissa grabbed me and dragged me in the playroom. 

I looked at the 2 cute kids but then when i saw the buy besides them all the air inside me was drained out. 

Those brown eyes that i haven't seen in almost 5 years.

He looked at me and he froze in place. 

The kids were playing they were not paying attention to us. 

"Flora?"he spit out.

"Justin"i said with a crack in my voice. 

"Oh my god it really is you... y-you look amazing"he breathed out. 

I now looked away and looked back down and mel.

I kissed her head and ran out of that trap as soon as possible .

I walked out of the door and i was walking down to my car until 

Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back. 

I met with justin again.

"Flora i know it's been like 5 years but you still haven't let me expl-"

"Explain what? explain how you cheated on me..... trust me i don't wanna hear about that justin"i said turning around but get turned again by him. 

"Maybe i did cheat on you... but i'm a better person.... were 19.... were adults....i have grown up to something better than i use to be when i was 16"he explained.

"I can't believe i'm talking to you... after years going threw fucking hell with College, Money,And Most importantly OUR CHILD!"I screamed. 

"You said our child"he said a little happy.


Justin looked sad.

"THIS *Push* IS *Push* ALL *Push* YOUR *Push* FAULT *Push*" I Started break down crying against the building wall. Justin looked at me horrified. 

"Flora ... i-i'm really sorry"he whispered looking at me deeply. 

"Stop i don't wanna hear that justin"i said wiping my tears.

"I want you to know that i would never hurt you... thats the last thing on my list ... its actually not on my list"he said.

"Well justin to late because you already hurt me.... you broke me and my heart into a million pieces"i said. 

"And i want to glue them all back together if you let me"he said with a tear going down his cheek.

One thing i remember back then is that i use to hate when justin cried.

He looked like a little puppy.

"your never go-

"Never say never"he said. 

I shook my head and looked in his carmel orbs.

I drifted into a world were me , justin and melissa all live in a big house, we have a family and we are all so very happy and-

Justin touched my cheek with his hand and i flinched which caused justin to frown.

"Flora please"he begged.

I push past him and i walked to my car.

"Flora!"he screamed. 

"What!"i spat. He ran up to me and he held his hand out.

"Give me your phone"he said.

"Hell to the fucking-

"Just do it so if you can always contact me " he said.

"What if i don't want contact with you"i spat.

"Give me your fucking phone"he groaned. 

I gabbed it and handed it to him.

He put his number in and i grabbed my phone back. 

"It was nice seeing you again Flo"

When justin called me that it took me back when we were 16 again.


"So your name beautiful?" justin asked. 

"Flora"i giggled.

"OOOO i like that name... beautiful name for a beautiful girl"he cooed playfully.

i laughed at his stupidness. 

"We should hang out after school !"justin cheered.

"Okey then i'll meet you on the soccer field"i said getting my books. 

"Ok Flo"he whispered in my ear kissing my cheek.

I blushed so hard my cheeks hurt.

***End Of Flashback***

"Whatever Jay"he also froze when i called him his little nickname. I drove off living him standing in the road looking my way.


"So like tell me everything!"Ashely clapped her hands.

"Okey so i went to daycare to drop melissa off right? and like melissa told me about these new kids jazzy and jaxon and how she is best friends with them. So i drop her off but i guess jazzy and jaxon was there so she pulled me too them but when i saw justin standing there next to jazzy and jaxon i was speechless. We made eye contact and it was never broken.... it kinda felt good to stare in his eyes again you know. I'm just wondering does he have a wife or a gf because those kids and of course he has melissa.... which i did say OUR child on accident then justin was dumbfounded and yeahhhh" i said. 

"Wow is there more?"she asked.

"Yeah like the fight-


"Calm down and hell to the fuck no"i spat.

I explained the fight to her and she was just holding the pillow enjoying this story. 

"What is your problem"i asked.

"Just you and justin's relationship its so cute and its like a movie or a book like ah!"she screamed.

i rolled my eyes.

"No seriously ash... this is important stuff.... i don't think i can trust him anymore....and he did tell me he would earn all my trust back by gluing the pieces back together"i explained.


I threw a pillow at her.

Melissa came in her pjs. 

"Mowmy... i had a bad dream"she said sitting on my lap.

"Will you tell me what it was about?"i asked.

"I don't know mowmy"she said

"You can tell me sweetie"i said kissing her head.

"I had a drweam that i had a dwaddy and he was so hwandsome and he woved you so mwuch but you didn't want to wove him back... and you would yell at him mowmy... and he was doing nothing wrong to you...he woved us and you drove him away"she said.

She started crying i rocked her back in forth.

I looked at Ash with a horrified expression.

"Mowmmmyy i w-want dawddyyyy where's dawwwdddyyy"she sobbed. 

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