'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


6. "I Was A Teenager"

Flora's P.O.V

I woke up with arms pulling me closer to there body. At first i closed my eyes and tried to sleep again but my eyes bursted open and i turned around and it was justin holding me. 

For some reason i sighed in relief. 

I reached for my phone which was on the table next to the bed. 

I clicked on the home screen and i saw it was 11:00AM

I panicked and i shook justin.

He groaned and pulled me closer.

"5 more minutes baby"he said in a sexy groggy voice.

I blushed that he called me that but i just shrugged it off and shook him again.

He peeked one eye open and he saw me and his smile formed. 

I blushed lightly.

"Justin seriously let go i need to go ! i have a test and its in like 40 minutes!"i said swatting him arms.

He just pulled me closer.

"But i wanna stay here foreveeerrrrr"his voice cracked.

I started to laugh so hard.

"Whew-ahh- ok seriously justin haha"i laughed.

"Ok Ok"he said in his normal voice.

I smiled and i got up.

"Shit i don't have time to drop Mel at daycare if i have a fucking test"i hissed.

"Can you take the little one in class?"he asked playfully.

I looked at him raising my eyebrow.

"I'm kidding... i mean i can let her hang with me and the little ones today"he said.

He got up and he walked over and snaked his arms around me. 

"You could really do that ?"i asked. 

"I'm her father.... i think i can handle her.."he said.

We both looked into each others eye's and i saw justin lift his hand and rub it across my cheek.

He licked his lips and looked to my lips and back to my eyes.

He started to move closer.

Shit! shit! I said i would stop him.

"Momwy"she said at the door way. 

Justin and I both snapped are heads and looked at Mel.

She swayed and fiddled with her fingers.

I pushed justin's off of me and i walked over to Melissa.

I went down to her level.

"Princess you are gonna stay here with jazzy and jaxon and justin!"i smiled.

She squealed.

"YAY!"she clapped her hands.

Justin chuckled behind me.

"Mom will be here at like 6 to pick you up ok?"i kiss her head. 

She nodded and smiled at justin.

"Ok go play"i shooed her.

She skipped away.

I got up and i walk past justin and i grab my bag full of clothes.

"Could you like leave or like not look"i asked.

He smirked."Nothing i haven't seen"i said.

"You haven't seen this for like 5 year's sir"i sad giving him a cold stare. 

"Doesn't mean i don't remember"he protested. 

"That little mole on you hip"he said moving closer to me.

He grabbed my shirt and i gulped he pulled up and he looked at my mole. 

"I got that right"he whispered against my ear.

"The bird tattoo you have on your ankle"he said.

I looked down at my tattoo.

"And the small little birth mark you have on your ass"he smirked.

I backed up.

"Ok you know my flaws more than i do congrats Bieber"i said.

"Now leave"i said.

"Just for the record, There not flaws.... there the little things that make you my beautiful mexican girl"he purred in my ear before exiting the room.

Goosebumps when went down my arms. 

I shook of the feeling and i started to get dressed fast .

I looked at the time .

"Shit i have fucking 20 minutes"i cursed.

I got my sweats and a over sized sweater,and uggs. 

Throwing my hair up in a pony tail ,  

i grabbed my bag and opened the door. 

I walked threw the halls making my way to the stairs and running down them.

I tripped on the last one and arms caught me. 

"Whoa speedy"he laughed.

"Sorry i have to goooo"i said running out of his arms and making my way to the door opening it.

"Wait Flo!"justin screamed.

I stopped and looked back.

He came up to me and grabbed my waist and pulled me close.

He kissed me softly, and he started to use his tongue to put me in trance.

I found myself kissing him back.

Resting my hands on his chest i second thought what i was doing.

I pushed him away.

I looked at him and i had a single tear down my cheek.

"Flo-"he grabbed my hnd but i yanked back.

"No justin why do i keep bringing you closer and closer! All your gonna do is break my heart again! your gonna find someone better like you did 5 years ago"i spat.

I stated to cry.

"Flo i'm not like that anymore i was a teenager... a stupid, dumbass ,douchebag teenager, were both almost 20! were adult's now, i'm never gonna hurt you"he said.

I shook my head.

"But you did! you hurt me and i'm not going down that road again justin"i said walking to my car.

He followed me. 

"Flo stop-"i cut him off.

"I'll be here at 6 to pick up Mel"i said slamming the car door. 

I started the car as i saw justin getting teary eyes as i drived away.

I felt a pit of sad n me for justin... but why? 

He hurt me, shouldn't i be happy?

No , because i still love that bastard.

I run my hands down my face and quickly go to the school.

I quickly parked and checked the time.

I was 11:50.

I sighed in relief and i walked in the school making my way to my first course class.

I saw Ashely and i smiled weakly at her and she returned the favor. I took a seat next to her.

"I'm sorry i snapped yesterday at you... i'm just really stressed,with all the studing and the justin up my ass,and of course Mel"i explained. 

"I can't stay mad at you because i know you have it tuff"ash laughed.

I smiled. "It is what you get for getting knocked up by an idoit at 16"i laughed.

"I never experinced that so i can't be quick to judge"she laughed. 

The bell ring and we put away all or things besides a pencil. 

"Leggo we got this!"ash nudged me. 

I erased everything from my mind except the stuff i studied.

Don't let anything fail you even him.


Justin's P.O.V

I failed miserably.

She will never ever forgive me for what i have done in the past.

Only if she new how i felt... i love her but i just can't say it yet because she will just go running off away from me because she doesn't want me to have her heart anymore.

I can't believe i played with her heart .

She doesn't know how i felt when she was away.

When i would call her every night that whole first year until she changed her number.

All i wanted was to hear her voice.

Every night or even during the day i would think of her.... one day i stayed in bed all day looking at the ceiling with a picture of her in my head.

I never wanted to those her love.... i wanted us to be together.

But me being the stupid teenager i was getting high and partying i made the biggest mistake of my life.

I just really want to sit down some where like,

a secret place where i can be alone with her.... and show her i love her.

She tells me i broke her heart but mine is breaking too.

Some times i would go walk in the rain because i didn't want to be happy... i wanted to be sad and depressed because a piece of me was gone.

I don't think there is any chance of her staying here with me....

but i just don't want her to go away , you know.

And she always says she doesn't want to talk about us....

what the hell are we suppose to talk about?

We can't talk about sunshine and rainbows when we both have hell going threw us.

I just hope that she understands,

that despite all the imperfections of who i am, i still really want to be he man.

It hasn't really been easy to talk because the time apart and Mel,

Because all of this stuff is way personal and its between Flo And I.

Only if she new thoe that i still love her...

And as time passes by the love we have might go from shitty to what we both have dreamed.

i still believe in us and i still believe in love

i just hope she believe's in our love too.

If i had the world in my hands i would give it to her,

But i just hope she would take it.

"Dawdy"Mel said making me flinch and close my notebook and looking at her shockingly.

"I mewn Justy"she said blushing.

I smile and lay my note book on the table.

"Come here princess"i said tapping my lap.

She ran over and jumped on my lap.

I play with her brown hair. 

"Sweetie you wanna know about your daddy?"i asked.

She nodded quickly.

"He never wanted to leave you.... he loves you and your mom so much. He would kill for you guys.... but he did something very stupid that broke mom's heart..... now she is broken.... and he wishes he can put the pieces together again but she won't let him"i started to cry and Mel looked at me and frowned.

"And he l-loves her.... so much"i sobbed.

Mel grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer as i cried quietly.

"Justy"she whispered.

I looked down with tears streaming down my face.

"Your dawdy aren't you"she said.

I looked down and try to hold my sobs.

"I'm daddy"i sighed wiping my tears.

"I new it!"she pulled me in a big hug and squeezed me.

"Mel don't tell mommy you know... or she will totally take you away from me... and we don't want that.. i want a family just me ,you, and mom... we are still working on mommy thoe ok?"i asked.

She quickly nodded. 

I hugged her.

"I love you daddy"she whispered in my ear.

I smiled and kissed her head.

"Mommy will be here soon just go play for now"i sighed.

"ok!"she skipped out of the room.

I wiped my face off and i grabbed my note book again.



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