'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


1. Do I Have A Daddy ?

"When you think everything will go out fine....it turns into a whole big pile of shit. That's why i can't trust anyone,love anyone,or even believe anyone.To think that someone actually cared about me and loved me...wow the feeling of your heart breaking piece after piece fucking hurts.I will forever remain heartbroken... and he will always be my heartbreaker.

***4 Years Ago***

I sat on my kitchen counter with my mom looking at me biting on her nails. "Mom it's fine... i'm going to be fine"i said looking at the test waiting for it to show me my answer. "I know sweetie but you are 16... your not ready for this kinda shit"she spat. "Mom stop your making me nervous"i felt my stomach turn again. "I'm sorry"she said. There was a quiet beep. I froze instantly. "M-Mom you look at it first"i said shaking lightly. I handed it to her. She looked at it and she closed her eyes and breathed shaking. "Mom"i cried. She looked at me and she nodded her head. I started to ball. My mom pulled me close to her. She rocked me back and forth. "Mom i'm so so sorry.... me and j-justin wanted to have fun a-and i'm so sorry"i cried. "Honey calm down she rubbed my arms. She wiped away my tears. "Honey breath"she calmed me. "You need to tell justin... when was the last time you talked to him "she asked. "Last night i was at his house after school and he told me he had to do some stuff so i had to go"i said. "Here i'll drive you over there now"she said grabbing her keys. I looked at the time and it was 8:00 pm. I went inside my mothers car and she started to drive. "Honey it's your choice if you want to get rid of the baby after it's born or even.."she choked. "Don't"i said stopping her. "I'm gonna do this... and justin is gonna be the supportive boyfriend he always has"i said. She nodded. "Are you sure your ready"my mom said. "I'm never ready mom"i said as we pulled up to justin's . Here goes nothing.... 

"Wait here mom"i said getting out. I walked up to the front door and ring the door bell. I rubbed my hands trying to keep warm. The door opened to reveal a girl with justin's maple leafs jersey on and just underwear. There was a sudden shot of pain threw my body. "Um who are you?"she spat looking me up and down. I pushed past her ignoring her. I stomped up the stairs in anger. I burst threw justin's door and he instantly turned around. He only had a towel around his waist. I felt pain in my heart.


He looked shocked.

"Flora I-"He started.

"NO SHUT THE FUCK UP!"I screamed. I had tears falling down my eyes. 

"You cheated on me!"i screamed threw sobs.

"I can explain "he said tearing up.

"Oh really! the girl down stairs wearing your jersey and underwear and you only wearing a towel! Fucking explain!"i screamed. 

He didn't say anything. He grabbed my arm and try to pull me to him put i yanked it back. 

"Don't touch me"i snapped. He was crying now.

"I loved you so much"i said coldly. I started crying again.

"Loved?"he said hurt.

"Yea loved! how can i love a cheater.... and a heartbreaker?"i spat.

"Flora i-"i cut him off.

"Just fuck off Justin"i spat.

I was about to storm out but i turned to look at him for one last moment.

"The Test was positive"i said softly. 

"What?"he said taken back.

"Pregnancy test it was positive"i spat. 

"And i'm just glad this is over because i don't want my daughter/son to have a cheater as a father"i spat before walking out of the room.


I Wake up to my phone buzzing on the side table. I groan and see Melissa snuggled to me. I kiss her forehead and push her dark blonde hair back. I grab my phone and see i missed a call from my mom. I called her back.

"Hello Honey"my mom said. 

"Hey mom you called?"i asked.

"Yea i wanted to know am i watching over the little angel today"she asked.

"Oh crap yea sorry i forgot... i have to study and ash wanted to do something tonight "i said. 

"Ok sweetie just drop her off here and you can go off to your class"my mom said. 

"Thank you so much mom love ya"i said.

"Anything for you sweetie"she cooed. I ended it and i looked threw my text and saw ashley blew my phone up. I laughed lightly at her crazy texts. 

"Mommy"Melissa groaned rubbing her eyes.

"Yes sweetie" i tickled her. 

She started squirming. 

"AH MOMMY THAT TICKWLES"She said in a baby voice. 

I stopped and picked her up and walked in her pink room with little girl stuff.

I set her on her princess bed and i went to her closet.

"What do you want to wear today princess?"i asked Melissa.

She walked in and looked threw the stuff. 

She pulled out a purple sweater and some jeans and her pink tennis shoes. 

"Twis twis"she said hopping up. 

"Good choice it's getting cold out there"i poked her nose and she laughed. 

She got ready as i got ready to. I put on a crop top with a sweater over and some sweats. I put my hair in a bun. I put my supra's on and i saw Melissa pop her head out and she smiled. "Ready for school"i asked. She nodded. He brown eyes shined which made me remember justin's eyes. I shook off the thought and pulled her in the mini kitchen. I have an apartment with just Melissa and i. She sat at the table and ate her frosted flakes quickly. You done i said with grapes in my mouth. She laughed at me. "You funnie mommy"she giggled. "Lets go chicken butt"i said grabbing her hand. "Hey! tou hurt my fwellings "she said pouting. "I'm sorry sweetie, i love you"i cooed. She smiled. "I wove tou to"she skipped to the car and she got in her car seat. I love her. I got in the car and started it up and i drove to her school that was only 2 blocks away. I pulled over and got her out and she hopped out. I walked her up to the school door and and i bent down to her level. "Ok sweetie have a wonderful day " i said kissing her cheek and fixing her back. 

'Mommy do i have a dawdy' Melissa said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.

'Why sweetie'i asked.

'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors. She looked back and waved.

I can't believe she just asked me that...

I shook it off and i ran in my car and i got on my phone.

"Hello?"ash replied.

"Hey guess what just happened "i said. 

"What?"ash said excited.

"Mel Just asked me if she had a dad"i breathed.

There was silence.

"What did you say"she asked. 

"I said yes.... but he is my heartbreaker"i replied. 

"More like douche bag,cheater,liar, fuck face ,ass-"

"Yeah yeah"i laughed.

"I can't say that around melissa."i laughed.

"When it comes too justin then yes"i clenched at his name.

I try not too think or talk about him but its just so hard.

"Ash.... sometimes i wish justin would just you know"i said tearing up.

"Oh flora"she sighed.

"I wish he could come back or even come back.... i wish none of that stuff happened back then"i said.

"Even having sex with him and having little Mel?"ash asked.

"No having Mel was the best day of my life.... also losing my virginity to justin was my best day"i said.

"I'm sorry Flo"she said.

"It's not your fault "i said starting the car.

"I just wonder what he is doing now...""i said driving.

"Probability sticking his dick in other nasty whores"ash said.

I rolled my eyes.

"We will never know"i sighed.

"Maybe you'll see him one day... and if you do smack the living shit out of him for each year he missed out"ash said.

I laughed.

"Ok ashley calm down.... i hardly doubt he is still here in stratford"i said pulling up to my college campus.

"You never know"ash said mocking me. I laughed.

"I'll see you in campus in 5 ok?"Ash said.

"See Ya soon buttercup"i said playfully.

She laughed. I ended the phone call and check out myself too see if my crying was showing. 

I fixed my make up and i smiled. 

I grabbed my bag and i saw ash at the campus doors.

"Come on slow poke !"she screamed. 

I ran up to her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first chapter to heartbreaker 

i'm writing this with @Perfectbieber

I'm very excited for this !!!! 

love you boo's 

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.


( BTW : Flora is Mexican American Just to let you guys know ) c: 

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