'Mommy do i have a daddy' My little girl said making me stop in my tracks and make me stop.
'Why sweetie'i asked.
'Because my friends all have daddy's' i saw her tear up.
'You do sweetheart.... it's just..."i took a deep breath.
"He is my heartbreaker"i said trying not to cry.
"Go on go to school we will talk about this later"i kissed her head and she ran up too the school doors.


5. Craving for that Kiss .

** Justin's P.O.V **

I was surprised when Flora Texted me if she and Melissa can come over , don't get me wrong I was excited for her to come over . Melissa was playing with Jazzy and Jaxon ,, I think Mel liked Jaxon but no he is her Uncle . " Soooo uhm do you want anything to drink , water , soda , Juice " I asked . " Uhm I think uhm soda ? " she said more liked asked . " Ok be right back " I walked to the kitchen and got a can sprite , I know she likes sprite , I walked back to the living room where she was . " Here you go Flo " I could see her blush and grabbed the can from my hand . " So uhm how have you been " " Uh good and you ? " she quietly asked . " I don't know " I said . She looked down at her shoes cause she knows what Im talking about . " I-its n-not you its me " I stuttered while saying that . I could tell she has or is crying . She wiped her eyes . " Im s-sory I-I can't d-do this " she said . She got up and was about to walk upstairs and get Mel , but I wrapped my arms around her waist and spin her around . 

" You can't do what ? " I asked wiping off her tears she had pouring down her cheek . 

" I can't forgive you , I just can't I-" I cut her off by kissing her . 

I've been craving for her touch , I felt her pulling away but couldn't so she kissed back. 

I knew she missed me , I let go and pull away . 

" Im sorry Im didn't mean to do that " I said , but I wasn't sorry . 

" Uhm , I ... Uhm Can .. Me and Mel stay here just for tonight " she asked not making eye contact 

" Yeah sure ," i said . " Its my fault you wont forgive me if I hadn't cheated on you about 5 years ago you would have been still been mine forever and with our beautiful girl . " I said " Uhm I don't want to talk about it please not when she is in here playing with you brother and sister " She said . " There not my siblings " I smirked . " WHAT ?!!" her eyes widen with her mouth hanging open . I kissed her and pulled away . I laughed " Yeah , there mom left me here with them when they were born " I said playing with her. " I-I didn't know " she said . " Im just playing Flo , You are my only Latina girl . I love do you really think I would be married with someone that I don't love , only for you and besides Im 19 years old , almost 20 in about 1 and a half month . I only love you my Mexican girl " I smiled and she blushed . 

" Jayy shut up and go get our daughter , I mean uhm my daughter " she fumbled with her fingers . 

" You just said ours " I smiled . " Go get her . " she said with a smile  


" Mel how are you " I asked while getting a juice box for her . 

" Me good mowmy needa a bowfriend " Mel said. She almost 5 years old . 

" Really , well maybe I could be your daddy " i smiled . 

" Yeh pleawse , I want dawdyy " She pouted . 

" Mom never talked about him to you ?" I asked kinda hurt . 

" Talk about what Justin " Flora said coming from upstairs . 

" Talking about being a princess " I said trying to be convincing . 

" Yeh mowmmy , I want to be a princess " Mel backed me up thats my girl . 

" But you are already a princess " Flora smiled down at Mel . 

" Yayy me a princess , I want to play with Justin " Mel said . 

" Ok baby but only for 20 minutes its almost time for sleep " Flora said . 

" Ok " me and Mel said . 

" Ok ill be upstairs playing with Jaxon and Jazzy . " Flora said smiling . 

" Ok " I said . She is a really good Mother I know I would be a good Father . 

" Ok Mel , did mom ever talk about daddy ever " I asked again knowing Flora is upstairs playing with Jax and Jazzy . 

" Nope , she said somthing about Heautbreaka " Mel said 

That dropped my heart knowing she hasn't forgiven me . 

" Oh, But what if I was your daddy ? " I asked smiling . 

" No you can't " Mel crossed her arms across her chest . 

" Why not ?" I asked , confused , I thought she liked me . 

" Cause I like you " she giggled , Oh my god she got that giggle from Flora . I smiled . 

" But I love your mom and I am I mean could be dad " I said . 

" You are dawdy " She asked , Sipping from her Juice Box . 

" I uhm uh No " i said nervous to Mel who was just giggling . 

" UH HUH " she shouted and laughed . I smiled at her she was so cute like her mom . 

" So thats all mom has said about daddy ?"  I asked her 

" Yeh thats all " Mel said . I weaked smiled at her . 

" Ok lets play hid and seek , Lets play with Jaxon and Jazzy and Mommy lets go get them, ok Honey.  " That last part sounded weird 

We walked up stairs and got in Jaxon's room . 

" Hey guys me and this little girl wanted to know if you want to play hid and seek " I said . 

" Yayy " Jazzy and Jaxon said . And Flora Just nodded her head . 

" Ok Ill count and yall hide " I said . 

" Hold up you count to 40 ok " Flora said Smiling 

" Alright no more pass 40 ok Flo " I said 

She nodded her head and smiled . 

I started to count . 

** Flora's P.O.V ** 

I grabbed jaxon , Jazzy and Melissa's hand and went to hide them . 

" Momwy where are gonna hide " Mel asked . 

" Ssh baby be quiet or he will find us " I whispered . 

" Hide here " I put Jaxon all the way in the back of the closet with Jazzy 

" Ssh don't be scared ok he will find be quiet ok Cuties " I said 

They nodded their heads " Alright come on Melissa we need to hide " I whispered .

I heard Justin was on 25 so I hide Melissa in the bathroom . 

" Be quiet Im going to go hide Ill the the door a little open ok " i said . 

" Yews mowmmy " she whispered . I smiled . 

" Ok then bye " I said and left the room and went to hide in another room . 

Im guessing I was in Justin's room , I went under the bed and hid there. 

Yeah I know how can you hide there you must be old . 

Im 19 years old Im still able to do things . 

" 38 , 39, 40 READY OR NOT IM COMING " I heard justin shout . 

" Where are they " Justin said . I smiled 

I heard him go to a door and look through it . 

The Closet , Thats where Jaxon and jazzy are . 

" Where are they " Justin was getting frustrated . 

He went to another door and got in , I think thats where I hide Jaxon and Jazzy . 

" Ah huh , find you guys " Justin said and Jaxon and jazzy giggled . 

" Now where did Flora and Mel hide guys . " Justin asked them . 

" We don't know . " They said . 

I heard foot steps going to the bathroom , Melissa . 

" Found you baby , Now where is mommy princess " Justin asked Melissa . 

The way he said baby , it made me smile . 

" I dunno " Melissa said while giggling . 

" IM COMING FOR YOU FLO " Justin shouted . 

I covered my mouth  to hold on to me laughter . 

The kids ran behind Justin and I heard Someone creak open the door . 

Oh my god , Im the last one . 

I was now thinking about the kiss Justin gave me , I don't want him but my body and heart does. I can't look at him in the eyes after that , Im not letting him kiss me again. If I can't , then Im screwed . 

" Im coming for you , Flo " He sounded really close . I saw feet spinning around . 

" Where are you Flora , come out " Justin said . 

He came over to the bed and looked down, I saw him Smirk . 

" AH huh I found you Flo " He pulled my leg and dragged me out under the bed . 

" AHH LET MY LEG GOO " I shouted at him and he laughed . 

" COME ON GUYS HELP ME " Justin shouted to the kids to help him . 

" MELISSA JOCELYN MARTINEZ NO LO AGAS " I shouted her full name not to do it . 

It was too late she came over and grabbed my leg to help Justin . 


They let my leg go . " Ok Pull justin off so I can get you guys candy . " I said . 

And they did as I told them . Justin let go and I ran downstairs and grabbed the candy . 

" COME HERE LITTLE GUYS " I shouted from downstairs for them to come down .

The came down running . 

" Here you go don't finish them all ok " I said . 

I felt hands on my waist and i was being pulled in the kitchen . 

" Justin don't do that " I said and got out of his hold . 

" Martinez I thought it was Bieber " Justin said . 

" Oh no I put in my last name , since dad wasn't there I put in my last name " I said 

" Im changing her last name , to Bieber " he said . 

" Ughh whatever " I was looking down at the floor . 

" Im going to sleep , Ill go get Mel " I said walking out the kitchen . 

" Come on Baby lets go sleep " I grabbed Mel's hand . 

Justin grabbed my wrist . " Put Mel in the room right next to mine and come back downstairs " he said . 

I nodded my head " Jazzy Jaxon come on lets go to sleep " I said and went upstairs 


" Yes Justin what do you want " I asked standing in the steps . 

" Come on " he grabbed my hand and intertwined them and walked upstairs . 

We were walking to his room . " Sleep with me " he said . 

" I should go sleep with Mel . She has a lot of Nightmares . " I said . 

" No , Ill take care of the nightmares , please sleep with me " He pouted . 

Ugh . I just nodded my head and walked to the bathroom and changed into my sleeping shorts and My tank top . 

I walked out and Justin was staring . I coughed . " Lets go to sleep " I said . 

He nodded his head . I heard him groan . 

" Night Jayy " I said and got under the blanket .

" Night Flo , sweet dreams " he got under the blanket too and pulled me closer to him and drifted to sleep . 



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