The Little Drummer Boy

So, for the Christmas season, I wish to present you with The Little Drummer, retold by me. I know there are a lot of different versions out there, but this is the way my Nana used to tell it (which was semi-based off the Rankin Bass film, I believe). Of course she didn't add in a ton of detail, so I'll do that to make sure you to don't have to read only about ten sentences and be bored out of your mind for the duration of all of them. Anyway, GirlOfManyFandoms presents The Little Drummer Boy!


3. Love

     Aaron walked through the desert with his two remaining animals and found the city of Bethlehem. The streets were full of people bustling about. He entered and skillfully moved around, undetected, avoiding the people he could manage. 

     He saw Joshua in the stable of an inn and screamed, "Joshua!" He ran to is camel,so overjoyed that he didn't see the horse and chariot barreling towards him. He and Samuel got away in the nick of time; Baba was not nearly as lucky.

     Aaron bent down to pick up his lamb. Baba was breathing shallowly, and he looked on he verge of death. Aaron felt an odd mix of fury and sorrow. "Stay with me, Baba. Please." He began to search the crowds for someone to help. He thought of the Kings. They were wise. Surely, they would help! 

     Aaron rushed to one of the kings. "Please help him," he begged. 

     The king looked down upon the lamb and frowned. "My dear boy, there's nothing I can do. He's near death."

     "But you're a king!"

     "A mortal king only. However, there is a King among Kings who can help." The man looked over at the stable. Inside there was a woman, laying a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a manger. Perhaps there was no room for them in the inn.

     "The baby? I don't understand..."

     "It is not necessary for you to understand. Go to him."

     "I have no gift to bring."

     "Go. Look before the king."

     Aaron nodded. He set Baba down on he ground carefully and made his way to the manger. He soon thought of a gift to deliver that, though inexpensive, may work. The woman saw him approach and looked at him as he pulled out his drumsticks. Perhaps the gift wasn't fit for a King...

     "Shall I play for Him on my drum?" he questioned.

     The woman nodded, and Aaron began to create a little melody. The ox and lamb kept time with him as he played his very best for the infant. He could have sworn he child even smiled a him.

     And as Aaron looked down on the baby, all he saw was beauty. The most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

     "Your gift, little drummer boy, given out of simple desperation of love, is the one favored above all," said the kin who had spoken to him earlier. Aaron grinned up at he king and saw, out of the corner of is eye, Baba getting up. Baba ran to him and jumped in his arms.

     Aaron's heart was filled with joy and love. He knew, a last, that the love he'd carried there was wrong. As wrong as all kinds of hared will ever be wrong. For far more glorious is the gift of love.



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