The Little Drummer Boy

So, for the Christmas season, I wish to present you with The Little Drummer, retold by me. I know there are a lot of different versions out there, but this is the way my Nana used to tell it (which was semi-based off the Rankin Bass film, I believe). Of course she didn't add in a ton of detail, so I'll do that to make sure you to don't have to read only about ten sentences and be bored out of your mind for the duration of all of them. Anyway, GirlOfManyFandoms presents The Little Drummer Boy!


2. Anger

     After traveling all night and most of the following day, the group made it to their destination. "The grand city of Jerusalem! Everyone will surely love your performing, Aaron," Benjamin said quite loudly. "We shall go in and set up. And you will play a little song on your drums, Oh! The money we will receive for this! I might even give you one coin from our profits!"

     "I don't need anything!" Aaron replied bitterly as they all strolled into the city. Adam, who went ahead, had already set up a little rug for Aaron to play his tune on.

    Aaron reluctantly stood om the rug, faking a smile towards the people he loathed so very much. He beat a happy tune on his drum, his animals danced to it, and the citizens of Jerusalem crowded around him, wanting to hear the music. They listened carefully, picking out the tiniest details. When Aaron stopped at the end of his song, he saw the gleeful attitude the audience had.

     And he was furious! How dare they laugh and smile after what their kind did to his family!

     Aaron, going out of control, screamed at them, "I hate you! I hate you all! You're all cheats and liars and thieves! All of you!" He was pulled away from the crowd (which was transforming into an angry mob) by Benjamin.

     As the little group traveled away from Jerusalem, night came out. There was a star, ten times brighter than any other star. But Benjamin and Adam, their hearts were to filled with greed, and Aaron was still overflowing with anger that none of them even noticed the beauty of it.

     Suddenly, Benjamin stopped dead in his tracks, and as tough he could smell the gold, pointed towards a camp far off. He yanked Aaron towards it, whispering, "We are going to play for them, and I don't want to hear a single word from you."

     When they arrived at the camp, Benjamin and Adam could not believe their luck. It was the King's camp! But there wasn't only one king; there were three! Three wise kings. Benjamin went to them and begged them to let Aaron play his drums for them, but the kings said no to him.

     One of the kings spoke out. "We are soon leaving."

     "You can't travel at night!" Benjamin argued, ignoring the fact he always did. Granted, it was different for a crook to travel by the moon and stars, but kings? This was unheard of!

     "We are following a star," the king said, pointing. He turned around and began packing their belongings on the camels.

     "So close! We were so close to fortune! They refused to spare their wealth, but I see it all! Gold! Frankincense! Myrrh!"

     As Benjamin was whining, he saw one of the camels collapse. One of the kings stated that the camel was tired, and that she could not make the journey. Another mentioned that the player had a camel, and that he may wish to sell it. They approached Benjamin and asked. Aaron protested, for he did not want to loose Joshua. He lunged after Benjamin, but Adam simply grabbed him from behind to prevent this. Benjamin, with no regard for the boy's crying, sold the camel for a large bag of gold. As the three kings loaded up and left, Benjamin stayed, counting the gold coins. Aaron struggled out of Adam's grip and went to greedy ring leader, who was looking at his hideous reflection in a coin.

     "Here. You- You can have this," Benjamin told Aaron tonelessly, handing him a slightly less shiny gold coin.

     "I don't want anything from you! I just want Joshua back!"

     "Then go! Leave! I have no need for you anymore!"

     "Samuel, Baba, come," Aaron called as he left Benjamin and Adam. He soon realized he had no clue where to go. He could not remember the direction in which the three kings were heading. He threw himself down on the ground, feeling lost for the first time since he lost his mother and father. He stared up at the sky. There was one star, he noticed (although the rage in his heart prevented him from seeing it as anything but), that was shimmering brighter than all others.

     Of course! he thought. The kings said they were following the star! If they can follow a star, then so can I!

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