Should have know (a jason mcann love story)

Fanfiction, love story


2. Kidnapped


I was walking around in the streets at night. I know what you're thinking, not a good idea. Oh, well. I walked near alley and found myself getting pinned against the wall. I whimpered in pain. "OW!" I yelled. "Get off me!" I yelled at the stranger. I got a clear look at his face and noticed it was Jason! "What do you want from me?" I said my voice trembling from fear. "You" His raspy voice said. "W-why?" I asked my breathing shallow. "You're... special." He said while checking me out. Ew! I tried getting him off me. "Get off, Jason." "No" he simply said. "I'm serious" I said my voice cracking. "Ooh, I'm so scared." He said pretending to be scared. I kicked him in the groin and ran. I started running until I reached my house. I sighed and started looking for my keys in my bag. I unlocked my door and opened it. I felt a hand go over my mouth. "And who said I was done with you?" I heard Jason say. I pushed him against the wall. I elbowed him in the stomach and he let go. I started running upstairs. Jason grabbed my ankle. I fell down and started hanging onto the side of the stairs for life. I started screaming. "Let go of me!" I yelled. He started climbing over me. He flipped me over so I was facing him. I tried moving but he had me good. He put something over my mouth and said. "Goodnight" and everything went pitch black.

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