The blizzard

*advent calendar entry*


1. The blizzard

The snowflakes danced around us, as we ventured further into the frozen woods. The crunch of our footsteps on the soft white snow was the only sound. Icicles hung from the trees like ornaments on a Christmas tree. This really was a winter wonderland. I grasped the hand of my sole companion. An old friend of mine, a boyfriend as you may call it. He turned to face me and smiled as he caught sight of my frozen features. His lips placed themselves around mine, in an attempt to warm both of us up. The snow fell heavier and soon we had to part our lips. The area surrounding us was now so white and covered with the little flakes of snow that it was hard to see.

"There is only one thing to do at a time like this" He announced, his voice sounding as perfect as a thousand Christmas carols.

"What's that?" I asked, amused at his ability to find something good in every situation. He bent down and soon I felt sometime cold hit my head

"Snowball fight!" He yelled as he dashed off behind a tree. I laughed at his immaturity. This didn't however stop me from joining in with him. I picked up pile after pile of snow, rolling them into little balls until my fingers were so numb it was almost painful. I saw his head pop round from behind a tree. Now was my chance. I picked up one of my many balls of snow and aimed. When I missed and hit the tree he let out a triumphant whoop. I aimed again, but still hitting the tree.

"You'll never get me" He jeered, cockily sticking his head out from side to side. I glanced up at the snow above him and a small smile crept to my face. I aimed, ball after ball, at the giant blanket of snow above him. He remained oblivious to this, carelessly assuming that I had a bad aim. I picked up my final snowball. I had to do this, I just had to. I looked up at my target, not too hard to reach. I let the snowball escape my hand and go flying towards the tree. When it hit its target it stopped.

"Missed me" He jeered like a little boy. Before he could say anything else however, he was covered in a layer of snow that had fallen down from the tree above. He let out a little gasp and I couldn't quite contain the laughter within me. By now the snow fell lighter and we could once again see our path home.

"How about we go and have a hot water bottle and a mug of hot chocolate by the fire" I suggested and he nodded, his lips shaking from the cold dampness of the snow. He walked down the path clutching each others hands.

"I love you" He whispered softly into my ear. I turned to face him. I couldn't help but smile at his rosy cheeks and shivering lips.

"I love you to" I whispered before leaning in for a kiss. He returned it and there we stood. Surrounded by a blizzard in our perfect winter wonderland.

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