Liam Payne was once a sweet innocent boy. But after break-ups with Danielle and Sophia, something inside him triggered a change. The once sweet boy turned almost evil. The girl who suffered though, Alexa, she got taken by him. Would she ever be safe again?


3. Chapter 3: Sophiam over?

"Was I ever enough for you" Sophia screamed, her eyes blazing upon Liam

"What do you mean? Of course you were" He snarled back.

"You don't mean that Liam. You and I both know that I'm jut your pathetic little rebound girl. You wanted to prove to Danielle that you had changed and you weren't he idiot you said you were."

"That isn't true Sophia, I love you" He replied, his head hung low

"Go on Liam, look me in the eyes and say it" She demanded

"I can't" He mumbled

"See, I told you. You don't love me, you never have and you never will"

"Fine... I love you. I love you. I love you" He said as the tears started to show

"Then why couldn't you say it" She said, a little more calm now

"Because whether I say it or not, you're still breaking up with me. I was trying to save myself from the embarrassment ."

"I'm sorry Liam, but I can't do it anymore. I love you, I swear I do. But it's never going to work. I've seen pictures of you and Danielle. You never smile at me like you did at her. Even the other day when we ran into her. Your eyes lit up just seeing her face. You may think you love me Lee, but it's always her you have loved. I can't pretend anymore Lee. I'm so sorry" Liam looked at the face of the girl he love. He smiled a litte

"You say I never smiled at you the way I did at her. Soph, don't you see that if I smiled every time you made me happy, my jaw would have probably fallen off by now. When I saw her, yeah I was happy. But not happy in love, happy that she's moved on with her life. Happy that she knows how happy I am with you. I love you so much Sophia Smith. That's why I'm letting you go. No fuss, I promise. If you're not happy I can never be happy. I love you. Now go, before I change my mind" He joked and a small smile played on Sophias lips.

"I love you to Lee" She whispered before kissing him a final time. She looked at the face of the man she loved and walked out the door. Liam slumped down against the doorframe staring up at the picture of him and Sophia. He knew in his mind that she was right. He would never love her as much as he had loved Danielle.

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