A machine for pigs

Deep in the heart of the South Carolina wilderness a factory stood. But it wasn't just a factory it was a pig processing factory during the 14th century. The factory was shut down due to a mass breakout of the Bubonic plague and Swine influenza. When the master went insane and had all his slaves put to work sick or not. After half the worker population died, they repelled against their master forcing him to shut the factory down while they were still in it. For ten years no one had been in or out of the factory but every now and then the factory runs as it once did with the pride of its owner.


5. Not close to heaven

    Cassius decided it was time to go and explore the rest of the factory, so he left his room and went down to the first floor and found another door that was unlocked, he found a long hallway with doors on every side. After observing the hallway for a while he decided to go into the last one at the opposite end of the hallway. He opened the door to find the entire room full of blood and pig remains he suddenly found himself running back threw the hallway he made it half way when he fell and tripped. He lay there motionless for about ten minuets just petrified by the scene he just seen, so he got up an took it easy going back down the hallway to his surprise he heard a phone ringing in one of the other rooms. So he decided to answer and see who would be calling him, he figured it would be a dead silence when he picked the phone. But to his surprise he heard a man telling him to find a way to open the other part of the factory by releasing all three pressure valves. But before Cassius could ask him who he was the man hung up and there was a deep long silence. So Cassius went on looking through the rest of the rooms and found strange symbols of a half human-pig being this worried him but not as much as the man calling him and hanging up on him before he answered any of his questions.      

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