A machine for pigs

Deep in the heart of the South Carolina wilderness a factory stood. But it wasn't just a factory it was a pig processing factory during the 14th century. The factory was shut down due to a mass breakout of the Bubonic plague and Swine influenza. When the master went insane and had all his slaves put to work sick or not. After half the worker population died, they repelled against their master forcing him to shut the factory down while they were still in it. For ten years no one had been in or out of the factory but every now and then the factory runs as it once did with the pride of its owner.


11. Drems Finale

       Cassius awoke in Temish's office surrounded by defigured slaves he was tied to a chair and could even move a inch his left arm though was still missing but in its place temish Stuck a chair leg into it. As Cassius knew this was it he began to sob, not out of fear or knowing that he was going to die, It was because he was going to die by the hands of sick and twisted men. Cassius heard the ringing again but this time he felt himself slipping into madness for the sickness that had taken over these men had now plagued him and he was becoming one of these sick freaks of nature. A few minuets after realizing his terrible fate Temish, Thomas, and Alexander walked in and offered Cassius the chance to join them or die by them. Cassius was too far gone to say no but he didn't want to die by the hands of these men. He only saw one way out of this and he said yes to become a monster because Cassius had no other choice. They untied him but as soon as Cassius stood up the stuck a needle into his neck injecting the plague into his system he sit there letting the sickness inject itself into his system, He now was one of them with no escape from this hell on earth.   

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