He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


5. Superman to the Rescue

Alex's POV

I dial Louis' number and wait for him to answer. "You are talking to him." I say and she sighs and grabs the phone and sits there staring at the floor. "Babe." She says and I look down at the ground. "I need to come to the hotel." She says and tears fill her eyes as she rubs her neck which has bruises starting to form on it. "I just need to." She says, sounding like a little girl. "Please." She says, rubbing her neck and I grab the phone. "I am taking her to the hospital." I say and I fill him in on what happened. I hang up and put her phone in my purse. "You need to get checked out too." She says and I sigh. "Fine, as long as you get checked out." I say and she nods and we leave.

"Alexis, you seem to be fine, the injury didn't hurt your baby." The doctor says and I put my hand over my heart. "Oh thank goodness." I say and I rub my stomach. "Free to go, just be a little easy with your injuries." He says and I nod and walk off to find Christy. I find her sitting on a bed with Louis by her side, holding her hand. "So?" She asks as soon as she sees me and Louis looks at me and smiles. "Hey Alex." He says, hugging me. "Be careful." Christy scolds and he looks at me and then at her. "Why?" He asks and I sigh. "I am fine Christy and so is the baby." I say and Louis looks at me, his eyes widening. "You are pregnant?!" He screams and I nod. "I feel so bad, I honestly thought he was a nice guy." She says and Lou's face goes dark. "He is lucky I don't kill him." He says and Christy lays her head on his shoulder. "Beating a pregnant girl and choking a person who tried to help him, piece of-." He gets cut off by Christy. "Alright." She says, patting his hand. "How have you been?" Lou asks me suddenly and I look at him. "I am fine." I say and he nods. "So are you going to be with Lou for a while?" I ask and she nods. "I will call you everyday." She says and I smile. "Alright." I say and I hug her and Louis and I leave.

I get home and I lock my doors and sit on the couch. I lay on the couch and turn on the telly and I flip through channels until I come upon a pair of familiar blue eyes. He is performing one of their new songs, Through the Dark on the show SNL. He is smiling and laughing with the lads and I am sitting here at home with injuries, trying to get over him. I turn off the telly and rub my stomach and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I hope you liked this chapter!!!! ;) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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