He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


6. Shopping

*2 Months Later*

I wake up and I sigh and I hold my stomach as I get up. I go to the bathroom and use it and then go downstairs and grab my purse and get in my car and drive to the market.

I go inside and grab a cart and go to the fruit section. I grab some apples and things and then I keep shopping. I am grabbing some waters when someone bumps into my cart. I look over and there is a guy looking at something and his cart accidently hit mine. "Tyler?" I ask and he looks at me. "Alex?" He asks and I smile. "Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in forever!" I exclaim, hugging him. "I know, how have you been?" He asks and he glances down at my stomach. "Fine, you?" I ask and he looks back up at face. "Great, how far are you?" He asks and I smile. "Four months and two weeks." I say, rubbing my stomach and he grins at me. "Who is the dad?" He asks and I bite my lip and he stares at me. "Um." I say and he smiles. "It's fine, you don't have to tell me." He says and he helps me put the water in my cart and I smile at him. "It was nice seeing you again." I say and he nods. "Call me sometime." He says, handing me a piece of paper and I smile. "Sure thing." I say and I put the paper in my purse and go to the chips section.

I am just grabbing chips when someone puts their hand over my mouth. "I'm back." Billy whispers in my ear and my heart speeds up. I turn and he presses his lips to mine and I could taste the alcohol on his lips. I push him away and I wipe my lips. "Get away from me!" I say and he just wraps his arms around me but I try pushing him away. "Dude, get away from her." I look over Billy's shoulder at Tyler. His knuckles are clenched and his dark brown eyes even darker. "Dude, this is my girlfriend, I think you need to go." Billy slurs and I shake my head rapidly and Billy looks at me and he raises his hand and quickly lowers it but I never feel his hand. I open my eyes and Tyler has his hand. "I don't think that's very smart." Tyler says and I stare at him because he completely changed from about five minutes ago. He looks like he is going to kill Billy. I move out of his grasp and I push my cart out of the way but I grab Tyler's hand. "Come on." I whisper and he keeps staring at Billy and Billy looks terrified. "If I ever see you near her again, I will kill you." Tyler whispers to him and then he gets his cart and walks me to check out. "Thank you." I say and he smiles. "He can't hurt you, not while you are pregnant." He says and I nod. He kisses my cheek and I get ahead of him in check out and he helps me unload and then I pay and he pays for his stuff too and he walks me to his car.

"Where did you park?" I ask and he points to the other side of the parking lot. "That's a lot of walking, you should go." I say, smiling at him. "It's fine, I want to be with you a little bit." He says and I blush. "Ok." I say and I put my groceries in my car, with his help and then I put my cart away and I walk with him to his car. "It was great seeing you again, you look beautiful." He says and then blushes. "Thanks, you look handsome." I say, taking in his black hair, tan skin, brown eyes and luscious lips. "Well call me when you want." He says, smiling and I look into his eyes again and I nod. "Bye." I say and he hugs me. I hug him and I smell his cologne and then he is getting in his car and I am walking back to mine. I drive home with the smell of his cologne and his number.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, thankfully Tyler was there!! And yes this is Tyler Posey :) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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