He Doesn't Know About You *Sequel to Cyber Love*

I used to date Niall Horan until he walked out so he can go save lives. I can't be mad at him but I am. What he doesn't know might surprise him.


7. Hanging Out

Alex's POV

I wake up and smile, the first time that I have smiled in a long time. I go downstairs and make myself breakfast and turn on some music. There is a knock at my door and I go and answer it. "Hey!!" Tyler says and I grin at him. "Hey Ty!" I say, inviting him in and then going back to the kitchen. "What are you making?" He asks and I look down at the very deformed pancake. "It was supposed to be a pancake." I say, trying to fix it. "Here, let me help you." He says, coming up behind me and putting his hand over mine and actually making the pancake, look like a pancake. "Thanks!" I say, taking the skillet off of the stove and putting down the four pancakes that we made together. I begin on the bacon and Ty gets some plates down. I finish up the bacon and I put it on the table, next to the pancakes. I grab two pancakes and Ty gets the other two and then we begin eating. 

"What do you want to do today?" Tyler asks me and I shrug. "Lazy day and maybe we could go out and get some ice cream!" I say and he nods. He goes over to the shelves of movies that I have and slowly examines all of them. "You have no good movies." He says, laughing and I smile. "Fine, we should go get a movie first!" I say and he smiles and he grabs his keys and we go out to his car and leave.

"Alright, what movies are you into?" I ask and he shrugs. "Comedies or horrors." He says and I smile. "Not a romance guy?" I ask and he laughs. "Not really." He says and we look at the movies and we chose We're the Millers and the Conjuring. We pay for the movies and then leave. "Should we get some ice cream now?" He asks and I shrug. "We could just bring some back with us." I say and we go over to the Ice Cream Palace and order some ice cream. 

We arrive home and quickly go inside with the remainder of the ice cream and I put it in the freezer and then we sit down on the couch and put in the Conjuring first. I close the blinds and made sure that all the lights are off and then I plop down next to Tyler and the movie begins.

I hold the pillow in front of my face, once more as I hear screaming come on the telly. "Whoa, this is wicked!" Tyler exclaims and I peek over the pillow and then hide my face again. "AH!" Tyler screams, making me jump high, out of my seat. "Tyler!" I yell and he starts hysterically laughing. I pout and he pulls on his lap and hugs me tight, being careful about the baby. "Don't be mad at me!" He says, kissing my cheek and then poking my face. "That wasn't nice." I say and he hugs me tighter. "I'm sorry." He says and I smile. "Okay!" I say, giggling and I kiss his cheek. "Ice cream time!" I say and he laughs and I get up and go into the kitchen and pull out the ice creams. "Here is yours." I say, handing Tyler his and then we start eating. 

"You should just stay the night." I say and he laughs. "Alright, if that's cool with you." He says and I grin. "Really?" I ask and he nods. "I will sleep on the couch." He says and I smile. "Okay!" I exclaim and I hug him. "Well, I am getting tired." He says, just as I am yawning. We both start laughing and I lead him up to my room so he can get some blankets. I grab pillows and follow him downstairs and I put the pillows on the couch and he lays down and then pulls the blankets over him. "Tuck me in?" He asks, popping out his bottom lip. "Fine." I say, smiling and I start tucking him in and I turn off the lamp and I could just barely make out his face. "Good night Tyler." I say and he smiles. "Good night beautiful." He says and I blush and go upstairs and lay down and fall asleep.

I wake up to someone entering my room, I freeze and just lie still until I know they are gone. "Alex." Tyler whispers and I turn and he is standing there. "What?" I ask and he walks over. "Can I sleep with you?" He asks and I smile. "Alright." I say and he gets under the blankets with me and I instantly feel his body warmth so I scoot closer to him. "Good night." He says and I smile. "Good night." I say and I feel him kiss the top of my head and then I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies!! They are gettin' cozy!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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