Dante Shadow - Fey Hunter

Dante Shadow. He's no normal man. He hunts down the dark fey - beings that seek to ruin the world with their foul magic - with sword and sorcery, with no one standing in his way. Well...until a mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.


2. Prologue: Getting a Drink

Prologue - Getting a Drink

Every bar in this godforsaken city is frequented by the fey, but it’s the dark fey that are the problem. I couldn’t tell you where they come from, or why they’re not friendly with humans like the others, but I can tell you where they are.

I can tell you, but I won’t. Not exactly. Let’s just say I like to visit the darker parts of the city. Darkness just suits me, you know.

Well, I suppose you don’t, but that doesn’t matter.

Let’s get to the focus of this whole thing shall we: me killing fey. I’m not going to sugarcoat this and say I feel bad every time I cleave one into two pieces and watch their grotesque little bodies burn with a pretty pink flame. I revel in it. I prefer pink flames to the sun, that’s for sure.

This is the brutal nature of my chosen career, absolutely unvarnished and as it happens.

Still happy to read on? You sure?

Well in that case, how about a drink?


I walked into the bar that sat on the edge of the city’s red light district and sat down on the barstool, looking over at the bartender who stood with his back to me. There were other patrons there, of course, sitting at the shadowed tables.

Any one who avoids light is a potential target. The dark fey hate the light.

I did my best to ignore those who stared at me – the only man wearing a suit in the whole place – and simply took off my hat. Out of respect, of course. With the other men staring at me I cleared my throat to get the bartender’s attention – there was no point in drawing unwanted attention from the men to my back. ‘Hey, bartender. Can I get a…hm…’ I looked at the assorted alcohols and pondered, and eventually I picked out a drink I wanted, even though I could not see it. ‘How about a nice Dr Pepper.’

The bartender turned to face me, squinting in the low light. ‘Dr Pepper? You want a Dr Pepper?’ The bartender burst out laughing and was accompanied by the rest of the bar’s patrons – dark fey for sure. He leaned forwards and I caught sight of his pink-tinted eyes.

Now there could be no doubt.

‘Of course I want a Dr Pepper. No better drink than that,’ I replied, not making direct eye contact. ‘Why? Don’t you have any?’

The bartender picked up my hat as if to provoke me – if that wasn’t his intent, that’s what he was doing anyway. ‘No, we don’t. We do alcohol here, not soft drinks.’

I frowned and looked up. ‘Hey, it’s all well and good for you to not sell my favourite drink, but stealing my hat…’

I gathered my energy, tapping into a magical energy I had had since I was born, and materialised my sword, REVOLUTION, into my hand, thrusting it forward through the counter and into the bartender. The folded steel blade cut through him with ease, and I twisted the bone handle.

He burst open, a foul, black-skinned creature, jumping out. However, my sword was still stuck firm, and the creature – the dark fey – ripped itself in half, bursting into pink flame as it flew past my head, which I moved just in time.

The other patrons of the bar reacted, ripping off their human skins and jumping out as small black creatures with sharp claws and teeth, pink eyes and crimson spikes. A true picture of evil. The perfect thing to kill.

I pulled back my sword and turned to face my enemies, spinning the stylised katana with ease. ‘Who’s next then?’

The beasts jump forth at me, claws outstretched, yearning for my blood. Blood they would not get. I called on my magical energy again, forming magical blades in the air above me, and throwing them towards the dark fey.

I hit three of them, and they burst into a bright pink flame, but there were still about five of them, and I didn’t have the energy to call on more magical blades. I threw my sword at one, skewering it against the wall, and then pulled a pair of pistols from under my jacket – HERESY and LUST. I fired a volley of bullets at the dark fey, pulling off some of the most unusual angles of fire imaginable.

Within seconds, all but the skewered dark fey were dead, and I paced towards it seeking to take back my sword. The creature snarled at me and I held HERESY to its head. ‘You know, he should have just given me the drink.’

I pulled the trigger.

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