"You've Changed"

Amber always has been a nerdy girl ever since she was little but these 5 boys alway helped her with bullies and such but when they were 16-17 the boys left for the XFactor now she is 20 and she lives in LA will she meet the boys again or the biggest question is will they remember her?
This is also Guys? I just changed the tittle


6. uh oh!!!!

Shay's POV

How dare that little witch steal Harry from me I thought we were friends!!!! I'm going to call her!!

A: um hello?

How dare you steal Harry from me you little witch I can't believe you I thought we were friends!?

A:friends! YOU got mad at me for just talking to Harry like What the heck Shay?!

Well you knew how much I liked him and you just took him from me!

A: NO! HE came and talked to me and HE asked me out and I love him there is nothing you can do to make me not love him GOODBYE!

Harry's POV

HEY what was that all about?

A: nothing nothing me and Shay just got in a little fight that's all I promise

Ok but if she EVER dose anything to tell me ok?


What should I do should I tell Shay to leave Amber alone or should I just stay out of it? Zayn- hey mate what's up?

Oh nothing just thinking Zayn- what are you thinking about?

Amber..... Shay keeps telling her off because me and Amber are dating and Shay is really jelouse and I don't know what to do? Zayn- idk i mean us and the rest of the lads were friends with Amber WAY before Ambet even knew Shay so I think she is also jealous about that so idk?

A/N sorry my chapters are so short but what do you think Harry and the rest of the boys are going to do?

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