3. chapter 2

   As I walked into "the prison", everyone was with their friends.  I felt like an outcast.  I was so lost, I had no clue where my first period class was.  But the school is so damn small, you'd think it would be easy to find, but I guess not...  Suddenly a tall, old man came walking towards me, guessing it had to be the "Warden."  He introduced himself as the principal and that he would show me to my first class.

   When the principal opened the door, i was standing in the doorway.  Everyone couldn't help but turn their heads to look at the new kid, like damn, they haven't seen a person before?  The principal walked towards the front of the class, trying to get the students to shut the hell up so he could talk.  "Okay, class, we got a new student this year and her name is Ashley.  Make her feel welcome here!"

   I start walking to the back of the class to an empty seat when this blonde-haired girl turned around and starts asking stupid ass questions.  "Where are you from?  Do you have any siblings?  How old are you?"  Like I don't even know this girl's name, but I answer her and find myself asking her some questions as well.  "My name's Lilly by the way," she says.

   After twenty minutes waiting for the teacher, he finally walks into class, introducing himself as Mr. Brown.  "Hey class, all I want to do today is go over the rules, what you're expected to do, hand out some sh...uh for this year and also try to learn y'all's name."  I noticed he does this weird thing with his hands, like what the hell is he pointing at?

   The last ten minutes, Mr. Brown wanted us to say our names and one thing about us.  When it was my turn, everyone was looking at me.  "Well, my name is Ashley and I love...shopping."

   When the bell rang, everyone got up at once and rushed out into the halls.  I finally grabbed my stuff and walked out, trying to catch up with the blonde girl to see if she would know where my next class might be.  "Excuse me, but do you know where Ursula is?"  As I said those words this short ginger comes out of nowhere and trips, knocking me down.  She spills hot coffee down my nice, white uniform shirt and all over my new pair of white Vans.  Like damn bitch, you can't see me?  "...Uh oh.  I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was walking!"  As I get off the ground, I look down at my clothes.  My shirt looked like I wiped my ass with it and my shoes look like I just took a shit on them.  "Great, now look what you've done!  You ruined my new clothes.  Now what am I gonna do?  I can't just go home and change and I don't wanna look like shit on the first day!  Thank you very much!"  But I look at the ginger, and I could tell she wasn't even paying any attention to me.  She seems to be staring off into space but really that bitch was just gazing at the new boy that was walking by.

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