I will love you forever!

Chelsea and Niall are together. And Louis and Haeli! But with all the drama can it stay that way. Especially when old boyfriends and girlfriends show up?!


40. changing signs

Chelsea POV

I didn't know what to do the sign was HUGE it covered the middle section and half the top. Tre was also a spot light on it. The fans must of done this, but they don't realize that Niall probably doesn't love me anymore. After I sit there for a minute my backup singers started to sing the song. The next thing I knew a new sign came up that said

October 13, 2013

Of course I would realise that date anywhere it's the date Niall and I started dating, the day I found my life was perfect. Next thing thing the sign moved

The first time you guys were seen in public 3:00pm

Next thing I knew Nialls song came on. And then the sign changed again

I will love you forever and always! -nialler

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