I will love you forever!

Chelsea and Niall are together. And Louis and Haeli! But with all the drama can it stay that way. Especially when old boyfriends and girlfriends show up?!


1. concert

Hey, this is Chelsea! But everybody calls me Chels sometimes! So I shall describe myself I have long blackish brownish hair with brown and hazel eyes with a touch of blue in them! So here's my story! And Haeli looks like light brown hair with brown eyes she was very nice.

" I can't believe this is actually happening" said Haeli! "I know right!" I said we actually get to meet One direction!"

*Concert day

Haeli P.O.V

I was so nervous and excited I started to shakeing. I have always want ed to meet the boys. Chelsea came out of the closet with a crop top on, whites high wasted shorts and vans on! " you look amazing" I said. I was wearing a blue dress. "U look amazing ur self" Chelsea said! "Are you excited!" I said. "Of course I get to see Niall!" She said. " and I get to see Louis" I said blushing! "Girls let's go" that was Chelsea's sister she offered to drop us off at the concert because she had to go to the mall anyway!

*after the concert

Chelsea P.O.V

"That was amazing" i said " now we get to meet them!" We were both so happy!

Finally a girl found us and led us backstage to see the boys! Then we got led through Theodore but I didn't see Niall......... Harry must of noticed I was looking for him so he sad "Niall had something to take care of it was going to be a while"

Haeli P.O.V

I felt so bad for chels! Soon after that Louis says "oh hello you look really beautiful tonight!" I froze I didn't know what to say "thanks you guys did good tonight" I managed to get out!

Chelsea P.O.V

It looked like Haeli and Louis were hitting it off! So Liam and Harry came up to me and started to talk to me "did you enjoy the concert" asked Liam. "Ya it was amazing" I said. "So who would have to be your favorite in the band" asked Harry! "That would have to be a hard one but I would have to chose........ Niall, but Harry you would have to be very close " I said as Harry started to blush! "So how old are you girls" Zayn asked "we are 19" Haeli said. "20 minutes left girls" said the girl who took us back stage. But I didn't want to leave and I could tell Haeli didn't want to go either so her and Louis were exchanging numbers! After we talked for a while the girl came in and said it was time to leave. "I'm so sorry you couldn't get to meet Niall I don't know where he is" Harry said.

Harry POV

I felt so sorry for her! She was so beautiful I have to get her name. "What's your name?" "Chelsea" she said. "That's a beautiful name" I said! She started to blush. I couldn't help but smile! "Ok let's go girls" said the lady. I didn't want he to leave

Chelsea POV

I looks at Haeli he and Louis were really hitting it off they said their goodbyes and walked away. She came over to me "ready to go" she said. "Yep" I said. " I am sorry you didn't get to see Niall" "that's ok" I said. As we were leaving someone walked through the door but I couldn't see who because the came through the opposite door.

Niall POV

I hope I'm not late for the VIP meet and greet. Right I as I walked in I saw a beautiful girl walk out the door with brown hair. Who was that? "Am I too late" "ya they just left" said Harry. I have to know who that girl was!

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