Me and my friend Billie wrote this short story for a competition at school and i wanted to share it! it is about a girl in the woods who turns out to be winter....


1. winter

It is so cold.

I've never known anything else, so I have grown to like it.

There are people that walk my woods. Their skin is pink, warm, alive. I hate that. These are my woods, and they invade them. I hate that. They smile and laugh together. I hate that. I wish they were more like me - so sometimes I make them more like me.

It is easy to fool them - in the night light I look just like them. It is easy to turn their skin to ice and their hair to frost. Once their frozen they're much easier to talk to.

I can here one now. Their sounds are easy to recognize: heavy on their feet and their hot breath melting the snow. I hear the snapping of twigs under it's feet. Taking this cue, I start to hum my song. It starts as a small tune and then grows into words.

There is ice on the ground

and snow on the trees

the cold is profound

but you have yet to freeze

with glowing skin, you

shall soon turn blue

your heart will stop and so shall you

there is ice on the ground

and snow on the trees

mortal, I will kill you with ease.


The snapping stops. Then a voice.


That's strange, I've never heard a voice like that before. it rings out like falling snow. He steps out from behind my beautifully glistening pines. A Boy. I haven't seen one so young before. He is about the same age as what I look like. But I am much older than I look, I am as old as time. He looks so young and innocent. I keep singing, I can't let the Boy know that I have spotted him: his dark wavy hair; his pink, full lips; his flushed cheeks.

I notice that I have stopped singing, stopped acting. My woods screams out, why have I stopped? The giants stare down at me, their leaves rustling disapprovingly.


He looks so warm...


No! I can't think like this. They have never understood me. And they will pay for that.


My long white hair rises into the air and starts swirl and writhe as I start the storm. Whirlwinds of delicate snowflakes thrash around in the freezing air. But then I see it. That terrified and confused look in his eyes. I gasp and the storm dies down. His eyes sparkle like icicles.

"Who are you?" He asks. That voice hitting me like an avalanche.

"Wi...." no, I mustn't. But he is so beautiful; I can't help my self. "Winter."

He steps closer, puzzled. His foot crunching the snow, I step forward. Then realization hits him, the girl in the woods with the icy eyes and the white, sparkling heir and the silver dress.

" Winter." He mumbles.

We stumble towards each other curiously. I put up my frosty  hand and his fiery fingers touch mine.


Why have I done this?


He smiles and it brings tears to my eyes, tears that freeze on my cheeks. His smile is like the sun shining on fresh snow.

"I'm so sorry" I whisper, my voice trembling. "But now you know, and I can't let you leave"

He blinks, looking at me with those eyes. I reach out and touch his warm cheek, and where I touch, his face turns white ad icy. His eyes turn to frost and he drops to the ground. I stare down and tears stream down my face. I've never felt this way about a human before.


The End

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