Ariana, Will, Albus, and Celestine have been kicked out of the only place they've ever called home, the ancient city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. The band together and travel to exotic places. What do they have to lose?


9. Cousins

Ariana's P.O.V.:

   Makkah was amazing! I was sad to go, but we had to. As we went east the land became lusher and wetter. One afternoon, while we were resting, something amazing happened. Luna was curled up asleep, and the four of us were eating.

"Can I have some dates, jade eyes?" Albus said to me.

Jade eyes. I gasped. He froze, realizing what he said. Jade eyes. Suddenly, everything fit. Why he seemed familiar. I thought back to when we were in Makkah, and Will said to us, "You two look alike." Jade eyes.

"Sapphire eyes?" I asked. He nodded. We both hugged each other and sobbed. Will and Celestine looked puzzled. "We're cousins!"

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