Ariana, Will, Albus, and Celestine have been kicked out of the only place they've ever called home, the ancient city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. The band together and travel to exotic places. What do they have to lose?


8. Arabian Nights

Albus's P.O.V.:

After a while (about a week or so) we made to a desert-like area. We went south, but we needed to stay in a somewhat safe civilized place. And we had trading to do.


"What's this?" A mustached man asked.

"A ring. 'Tis a bit of ruby in it, I think," Cel replied.

"I'm not sure I can offer you much, but I'll try. You see, my daughter's getting married, and I love her to have this," he smiled.

As Cel and the man bartered, Ariana, Will, and I looked around the marketplace.

"So glad we stole that!" I said to Will.

"Yes! I hope we'll get good stuff for it," he said. "Wait a second, stand next to Ariana. Wow, you two look alike!"

Apparently we had the same smile on our faces. There's something so familiar about her, he must sense how we can tell that about each other.

Exotic aromas filled the air. Shiny gold jewelry was for sale. Colorful patterned textiles lined the streets. The city we were in was called Makkah. It was amazing.

Cel came over to us. "Got, let's see; some bread, dried dates and figs, and he gave me this little one." A tiny grey kitten with blue-green eyes looked up at us from Cel's arms.

Another mouth to feed. This is the problem with bringing girls along.

"The man had this mother cat that had babies. What should we name her?"

"How about " Will exclaimed.

We all agreed that was a good name. We went off the next morning, unsure what other exciting things may happen.


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