Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


6. Scared to death

~4 months later~

Alex's POV

A few months later the police came knocking on the door. It was 1:30am and no one was up so i went and answered it. Umm hello? I answered. Hello may we come in? A male cop asked. This is my husbands home. I will go get him. I told them. I ran upstairs woke up Aaron and dragged him down the steps. What do you need? Aaron asked the cop. We need your wife. The cop said as aaron pulled me behind him. For what?! Aaron asked angrily.

We believe she killed a man the other night. The female cop explained. Ma'am i am pregnant i cant do much. I explained. Well you are Alex right? She asked. Yes and i just came out of a coma! Any more questions?! I asked getting pissed off. We will be back at noon have a nice day. The female said. Yeah well fuck you too. I said slamming the door.

What the hell why would i kill anyone. One i never did and two i couldnt do it i was in a coma and pregnant. I yell.

Baby calm down alright. They just figured since you were wanted for so long they thought it could be you. Aaron told me.

Oh so this is my fault last time i checked i was fending for a whole town and now im having your child and you are choosing their side!? I yell angrily. No i am not and i know. Aaron said calmly. Well thats what it seems like. I snapped. Well its not. If you would just listen.. Aaron paused as i cut him off. So you're saying i don't listen thanks. I yelled as i went to pack my bags. What are you doing? He asked. Im going home where i belong not here. I wad never ment to be here and you know it. After the baby is born you can have her i want her to have a better future than me. I began to cry. Aaron tried to comfort me. Please dont make this harder than it already is alright. I told him leaving. Your not leaving. I wont let u leave. Alex i love you and you know i do and i know you love me too. Just go to bed and we will talk about this in the morning. He told me kissing my forehead. Alright. I said laying down on the bed slowly drifting off.

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