Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


1. Beginnings

Alex's POV

The names Alex. Im 17 you may think im just a normal girl well im not my parents died when i was 10 and i have been fending for myself and many others but you will find out who soon. The world is a crazy place now. The only people who got it good is the rich. People call me a hero around here i have saved many people and fed many people but there is more to this world then most think. Most people still think im a male since i can fight well and im very strong but really im just a girl that wont take anyones shit. Especially a mans shit.

Well my day started like normal i would throw some jeans on and t-shirt brush my teeth and bluh bluh bluh. I went to go get my friends Lexi and Rose my partners in crime. What we gonna do today? Lexi asked laughing. You should know by now. Kick some ass grab some goods n bounce. I said as we all laughed. Girl one day we gonna look back and wonder how we girls survive dis shit. Rose grinned. I know right now sh~sh. I said crawling into an air ducked. Rose and lexi followed me close behind. I will take this room yall go look for food and clothes i will get the jewels. I told them as i jumped down into a room.

I started putting jewels into my bag as i heard a male coming out of the bathroom. Most likely some old guy. I thought to myself as i hid in the closet. When i looked through the small crack i saw a cute 17 year old boy. Then he started walking up to the closet. Shit! I said allowed by accident. He opened the closet and i pulled my knife out of my boot and held it up to him. You should know better to hold that knife to my neck. He told me.

And who are you to speak to me like that. I said angrily. As the bag of jewels spilled. Im Aaron and you didnt have to steal i would have given them to you. Aaron told me. Yeah well im not taking any chances. Im responsible for a lot of people and i dont trust the rich. I said putting the jewels back in my bag, and running back to the open air ducked. Can i see you again soon? He asked. Maybe we will see i said climbing up the ducked, and closing it.

When i got out four guys were bothering my girls. No you dont. I said pulling my knife out. One pushed me back and called me a bitch i kicked him in the balls and spit in his face. Rose and lexi pulled guns and knifes out and we started whooping the guys asses. They ran away beat up and we walked home.

What the hell took you so long? Lexi asked. One of a da rich boys caught me. He wasnt an ass though he let me leave wid da jewels but asked if he could see me again. I told them. You talked to him! Rose screamed. Yes but i mite not go see him. I told them. You mite you cant! Or your ass will go to jail. Lexi told me. I know but maybe we could trust him. I said looking down. We cant girly they all are the same. Only care for money. Rose told me sadly. I know i just want things to change i said running into my hut.

I started putting bullets in my gun when my friend jackson knocked on my hut door. Its open. I yelled putting my gun in my boot and a few other guns and knifes. You goin for another run? Jackson asked. Yeah but alone. I need to take a break and we need more food. I said leaving the hut. Once i got away i left for Aaron's home.

Aaron's POV

It was 9:30 and i was ready for bed. I never knew the girls name but she was beautiful and very courages. Then i heard something coming through the air ducks. It was the girl. You miss me? She asked jumping down from the air ducks walking towards me. Actually i did. I grinned but she was too stubborn to notice. This place is really pretty. She told me sitting on my bed. Thank you but miss i never got your name. I told her sitting next to her. Well i believe you wont find out. She told me. And why is that. I dont trust you people. She told me.

You have a certain type for the rich? I asked laughing. Yes we do. She said getting up. What if i tell you im diffent. I said grabbing her waist. Now what is your name? I asked again. Alexis but everyone calls me Alex . Alexis told me as she got out of my grip. Where are you going? I asked. I shouldnt be here. I have to go. She told me. Alright but can i have a kiss first? I asked.

Alex's Pov

Alright but can i have a kiss first? He asked. I was shocked and turned around to see his grey eyes. I dont know. I smiled walking towards him pushing my hair out of my face. Its a simple question. He told me pulling me close. Then i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. And laughed jumping into the air ducked. I ment a kiss on the lips pretty girl. Oh well maybe next time. Remember i am still armed. I giggled. Bye beauty. He said getting into bed. Bye Aaron. I smiled as i left.

When i got out jackson was outside. Bleeding. Oh my god! Jackson!!! I cried.

A/N: hey guys this is my second book so im writing to at a time i update when i have time. So do get angry if i dont update for a bit. Im witting the second chapter but its long so u will hav a good read. Thanks for reading. Love you guys.

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