Till The End Of Time

Alex is bold courageous and a girl. Aaron is rich thoughtful and a boy. Could this be the perfect match or cause danger for both of them


5. A Few Days Later

Alex's POV

We return home a few days later.( and when i say home i mean Aaron's family home.) His family soon found out that im pregnant. His mother was angry but happy for Aaron and I. His sister was happy and so was his father.

We were laying in Aaron's bed cuddling as i rubbed my stomache. Whats wrong? Aaron asked me. What is goin to happen to our baby? I asked. We are going to get married soon. Aaron laughed as i looked at my hand. Oh my gosh u sneak. I said playfully punching Aaron. Ouch! Aaron laughed. Then i kissed him. All better. Aaron laughed. But for real whats goin to happen to the baby? I asked again. We have to get married name her n get clothing and food for her. Aaron kept laughing. Then i jumped on him. Im serious Aaron. I told him. I love you and the baby will be fine alright. He said sitting up with me on his lap. Look i love you Alex and i still do want you as my wife with our own home, more kids, and what ever else life has to offer for us. I know this is a tricky relationship but we will make this work. After he said that i started crying.

Aaron's POV

Stop crying baby please. I said holding her in my arms. Im sorry i cant help it. Alex said wiping her face. Baby it will be alright. This will work i promise. I dont care what it takes i want you and only you. I told her as we both laid down and fell asleep. It was midnight when i woke up. I was holding Alex in my arms. I had to let her go cause i had to pee real bad. So i released my grip trying not to wake her up, but she woke up. Im hungry. She yawned as she got up. What do u want to eat? I asked. Im craving so breakfast. She laughed. Its midnight. I said checking the clock. Its still morning. She laughed walking down the steps. Babe wait i have to pee! I called. She was sitting on the steps asleep so i picked her up and carried her and put her on the couch and put a blanket over her. I cooked bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, sausage, and waffles. I admit i was hungry too. When i was done cooking Alex and Erica were up.

Who you cookin for? The whole city? Erica asked laughing. Alexis and i got hungry. I laughed with her. Alex just slumped in the chair. Oh my gosh are you alright you look sick. Erica said feeling Alex's head. "Its hot Aaron. Really hot." Shit let me grab some medicine for her. I said looking for medican. Then Alex ran to the downstairs bathroom and threw up. I ran in with her rubbing her back. Since i had no clue what to do.

(A/N: alright pplz im sorry for the very very late update but i have been busy with school basketball and now i just found out that i am going to be in an academic bowl that is being held in the area so if i have anymore late posts before the end of march then you guys will know love you guys i hope yall enjoy the book n anymore that i write :) )

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