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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


2. What happnes, happnes

So let me tell you more about me, my name is Roxaan I am 15 now and turning 16 next November. I am not that good at many things but I can play any musical instrument possible, but I choose not to play the violin or tuba for ‘personal’ reasons (I think they sound like dying animals.) I have long blonde hair and blue eyes and my body isn’t that bad. I am an orphan and have been since I don’t know when? I have been in and out of so many orphanages I have lost count, mostly because no-one would take me in. When you are a teenager in orphanage, the chances of you getting adopted are very slim.

I used to think I would never be adopted until I get an email from a mysterious couple…
Dear Roxaan
The department of social development would like to inform you that you are being legally adopted by Mr and Mrs Smith. They will be contacting you shortly and you will receive more information in due time…

Bla, bla fish paste and they said congratulations and ended it all off with…
 From the South African Department of Social Development.

After I got this I was quite confused and ignored it as a prank of some kind, but after a while I got a letter with professional stationary giving me the more information they had mentioned before in the email, that’s when I realised that I was actually getting adopted by real people. In the letter it said that I was being moved to Wells, Somerset in the UK. Which I did a bit of research on and found out it is the smallest city in England, how fun.

A week or so later a car came and put all my clothes, instruments that I actually owned as well as the personal stuff i have had from the moment I left the first house.As the driver got to the airport I was head deep in guitar that I had been jamming to the whole car ride. The man that was driving set me off to the right gate port and said it was a layover flight in Zürich then I’m going straight to the Bristol airport, in yes well done Bristol. After that someone is driving me to Wells.


In the airport there wasn’t a place for me to sit, my feet were killing me. So I decided to do the South African thing and if there is no place to sit make one, by sitting on the floor.
As soon as people started to see me they got up and offered me a seat two men got up and offered me both their seats I accepted and as they got up I realised one of them was getting up to get my suitcase, I stated secretly laughed on the inside but said thank you. They then disappeared for a while and then came back with hot chocolate for me. I didn’t know why at first until I remembered I was wearing my half torn up pyjama pants, beanie with my oversized jersey. I looked like a homeless person.

After a while people started to disappear and a seat next to me opened up, and a boy around the same age as me sat down. He had dark brown hair and eyes with the slight hint of 5 o’clock shadow. He had the same amount of luggage as me, a guitar. He turned and started at my case and said “what kind of guitar have you got there?”

“Cherry wood, steel string.” I say as I’m opening up the guitar case. “And you?”

“Nothing special just a normal wood.” He says doing the same.

“Do I see nylon strings?” I say making a gesture as if I am asking to pick up the guitar. He nods his head and I pick up the guitar and start to play the intro to beautiful by James Blunt.

“Not that bad blondie.” He says sort of surprised but also sarcastically “why is a pretty girl with a talent as yours going to Zurich? And do I sense a South African accent?” he said quite like a know it all.

“Thank you kind sir, and yes you do born and raised.” I said like a Texan and gave him back his guitar. “I am actually being adopted by a family called the Smiths? In a town called Wells in Somerset. Where are you going?”

“Jason. And the same.” He said quite relieved. “At least I am not going to be alone in that house or where ever we are going.” We were then called to go in the plane.


We handed the tickets to the clerk and he looked shocked and surprised. He then told me and Jason to follow him and lead us to business class. We continued to talk in and throughout the plane trip over to Zurich. And I found out that he has been an orphan since he was 1½. His parents died in a car accident and he survived as it was a head on collision but he was padded into the seat and the driver hasn’t been found yet.

His godparent died a little while after that and was put into foster care and was only put up for adoption a couple of days before he found out he was adopted, weird.  I continued to tell him my story in return, he was shocked and told me he was sorry, but I told him he shouldn’t be. We sat around and realised we were the only ones in business class. We then ran around like idiots, played guitar and watched movies for hours and then we fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

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