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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


13. meeting the family

The next couple of months were busy getting fundraisers together, helping in the youth group, giving music lessons and suffering through school. Since the High School goes from January to December, like back in ZA, it wasn’t much change. I did, however, come the term before the June exams which wasn’t fun but in managed well. It was now approaching June-July holidays (which is a month in length and the biggest holiday of the year.)

The plan for the first week is to do what I always do. Sleep for a week in baggy Pj’s and come out for food every 2 or 3 days. So that’s exactly what I did. On Wednesday morning exactly 5 days into holidays I got a message from Greyson.

It read: hey babe<3 [which is what I will call you from now on ;) ] I want to see you soon… I miss you in my arms. I mean I have needs too babeL let me know when. Love G xxx

 He called me babe! He is too cute<3 and we are three months into our relationship and haven’t seen each other, except for snapshot and constant messaging back and forth but we haven’t seen  each other physically in like 2 weeks.

So I called him.

“Babe!” he said in an excited voice almost yelling in euphoria for hearing my voice again. “I miss you so much babe! When can I see you again I need to tell you well more like ask you something…”

“Okay breathe big boy,” I said interrupting him while he stopped and chuckled. “That is what I called to talk to you about. How does tonight sound? We can have a movie night in the music room. There is an amazing surround sound system in there.”

“Sounds awesome but I want to take you out to dinner first. I am going to take you to the restaurant and we can go back to the music room because I haven’t seen it yet.” He said in a whisper.

Mocking his whisper I said “that sounds wonderful how does 3pm sound? We can have a lunch supper thing. So a lupper.”

“Perfect I will pick you up at 3 then.” still whispering now.

“and Greyson…” he mumbled a yea. “Why are we whispering?”

“My twin brother is home and I don’t want him poking around. He won’t stop bugging me to take you to meet him, he will not take you from me.” he said while I was fathoming that he had a twin brother

“Why would you think that?”

“He does that with all my friends that are girls, I don’t want it to happen with us. Your different from the other girls.” He said as I imagined him blushing.

“You are amazing Greyson I will not go to your brother. I promise.”

“Pinkey promise with cherries and chocolate on top?”

“I double pinkey promise with cherries and chocolate on top.”  I laughed at his childish tone. “So I will see you in an hour… shit I have to start getting ready!”

“Bye see you now babe.” He said and we hanged up.

I ran to the shower and washed away almost five days of not showering at all. As 9 got out the shower I dried my hair and saw I had half an hour left. Shit. I threw on a black and darkish-grey dress on and wore pumps and packed heels in case. I did my make up in less than 6 minutes which is all I had left which a new personal record, #winning.

I then got a knock at the door; it was Jacob and Mason, “your DATE is here Roxaan.” They said shouting the word date.

I ran to the front door before I gave the boys a chance to stalk us again as they have been doing all term. I saw Greyson at the front door and he muttered a quick “hey baby you look amazing…” before I ran out the door with his hand in mine. We got in the jeep and drove as quickly as we could out the gate and lost all the boys running in PJ pants after us.

“I am so sorry about that.” I said through painting from running. “And thank you looks amazing too.” I said and noticed that he was in black pants and a white collared shirt. So kind of semi-formal, so I wore the heels and tossed the pumps on the floor.

“Thanks. I look like a fool compared to you.” he said blushing and I reassured him with a kiss on the cheek and I saw a new eyebrow piercing.

“You got a piercing? When did that happen?”

“Yesterday actually with my brother he was too chicken to get one so I suggested we both did.”

“Well it looks amazing.” I said taking his hand.

“About tonight the plans have changed and I am sorry I haven’t warned you about this but a family thing came up and I couldn’t sway it. So you are coming with me.”

“That is worrying.” I said trying to sound serious but laughed anyway.

“You will be fine. Think positive thoughts.” And he changed the gear of the car. It has now only occurred to me that Greyson is 16 and is driving a car. This is illegal.

“Wait why are you driving?”

“I have my learners relax i am allowed to drive when the roads aren’t busy…” I shot him a look “… according to my parents but it’s not like the cops will stop us in this town. Like I got stopped about a week ago with my brother and he asked us what people our age listen to. It was strange and disturbing.” I relaxed a bit, “and we are here anyway.”

We drove into the conference centre, which had a buss which pulled in just before us and has like 30 people pooling out of the red bus.

“Are those all your cousins? “I said realising that his entire family was over 40 people and for years it was only me. I feel very overwhelmed and I must look like it.

 He parked right by the door and turned to me and put his hand on my face and said “yes but don’t be overwhelmed, there may be a lot of people but I will never leave you alone I promise.” Relearned in and I kissed him as a thank you.

We ten got out of the jeep and he ran around to take my hand immediately and slipped on the way which I roared into laughter “not funny” he said taking me into a hug which left me protected once again.

We walked into the conference room and were immediately greeted by a lot of older maybe late 20’s. I had a lot of so why are you with baby Grey here and a lot of yea you look way out of his league. And Greyson said okay before she starts thinking we are leaving.

We made our way to where his mother was standing. “Mom” he said in a sad tone and gave her a huge hug immediately. They separated and he stuck back to my side. “Mom this is Roxaan, she is the girl that it was telling you about. And this is my mom Eve” He said looking at me the whole time with awe.

His mom looked like she was in her early 40’s but I knew she is in her late 40’s and had short black hair in a pixie punk style. She was wearing black trousers and a white shirt with a black blazer.

“I have heard many amazing things about you” she said in a motherly tone that was quite soothing, it was now that Greyson was snatched away, she then added “and especially how you comforted my son when I told him about his father. It means a lot that he has found someone that knows what he is going through, well he told me that much at least. I don’t know your backstory but it still means the world to me.”

“Thank you. Well to give you some backstory I was an orphan before I can remember and my twin sister went missing when I was very small so I know how it feels to have lost someone you love.” I said and she looked at me in shock. “I did get adopted by the Smith family that owns the local church, so I am alright now I guess. “I said to reassure her and she gave me a smile and giggle of relief.

Greyson and the two guys that stole him came towards us with Greyson in a head lock. “Oh Roxaan this is my oldest son Julian and my other son Cody which is Greyson twin brother. I can’t see Michael now but I will go find him for you.” Eve introduced me and then scurried off to say hello to other guests.

Julian was a very built and had dark skin which made him look even bigger (muscle wise.) he has black hair and green eyes and shock my hand and shot Greyson a wink still in his head lock. Greyson twin Cody was exactly the same looks wise. Like exactly the same.  Same piercing, brown eyes, build everything, except that he had darker hair then greyson did but still brown.  Cody took my hand and kissed it which was sweet but Greyson saw and hit him in the ball which was hilarious as Cody was trying to act cool in front of all the family. Julian quickly let go of Greyson in the head lock in fear he would endure the same fate as Cody and hid behind him helping him up.

“So you are the one our brother has been going mad over for the past 3 months.” Said Julian with a sly look on his face. “I have to say baby brother you reeled in a keeper” he said winking at us both while Greyson put his hand on my left hip and held that hand in my left hand.  Julian is the oldest brother and is 28, Michael is the second oldest and is 21 while Cody and Greyson are the youngest at 16(but Greyson is 30 seconds younger then Cody, naming him baby Grey.)

“And your explanations of her did not do her justice “said a stranger from behind Cody which was still in intense pain.

“Roxaan this is my other brother Michael.” Said Greyson and he shook my hand. He looked similar to Julian but an obvious difference in age and eye colour, which was blue not green.

“Thank you I guess. “I said not knowing what else to say.

There rest the day was being introduced to family members and learning disturbing but cute things the 4 brothers did as kids, the usual(as I am told)family gathering.

At like 7pm we were given pass to leave so we went back to my place and more specifically the new music room.

As we went inside his face immediately was drawn to the huge guitar collection. He was drawn to my classic nylon string guitar that has flown itself half way across the world from ZA to the UK.

“Now this is a classic guitar” he said picking it up “whose is it?” he asked.

“It’s mine actually. Fancy a little Jam sesh’.” I said suiting at the piano.

“Sure. Do you know wake me up when September ends buy Green Day?” he asked with a weird look on his face.

“Okay I know I may look like I grew up under a rock but I promise I haven’t.” I said and we both laughed and started to p-lay. The harmonious music flowed so naturally that it needed no explanation.

Once we had gotten the tune right he then started to sing, and I joined in with harmonies. He then stopped as I started to sing, and got his phone out.

“What are you doing?”

“You are going to take lead and I’m going to record us, and put it as your ringtone.” He said getting the iPhone on record.

And so we sang the entire song three times over until we got it right. He then was true to his words and put it was my ringtone.

“That is now our song yea?” he asked as we flopped down on the coach together.

“yes.” I said putting my head on his lap and he started to play with my hair.

We sat like this for hours talking and laughing and kissing occasionally until 11pm when we had a knock on the door.

It was Jonah. “”Miss Roxaan and mister Greyson what are you two doing here?” he said in a posh English accent of his.

“Just having a jam session but it is time for me to go. But before I do I need to ask you something. “He said while Jonah went outside to give us privacy. “next week I am going to California in use with my brothers and I want to know if you will come with me.”


Having being caught off-guard I could only muster a “that sounds amazing but I will ask my parents not sure how well that will gotwith them.”

“If it helps we will have a 6 sleeper room but we will take up 2 rooms with 4 beds and you can have the room with 2 beds to yourself.” He said almost begging that I will go with him.

“I will try my best and let you know as soon as I can okay babe.”

“perfect.” I said while pulling me in for a kiss. He then left while Jonah and I walked back up to the Kids house. I told him about California and he said he would ask my parents for me and I will know by I won’t have to ask but Jonah had been pretty relaxed about it which was probably a good sign.

I then just made it up the stairs while Seth and Jason ran to me and asked dhow it went. I didn’t want to keep them in the dark so I went to their shared room and filled them in.

Seth said that Mr and Mrs Smith were pretty relaxed about that kind of stuff but it didn’t ease my nerves but calmed them a little bit. We then proceeded to watch South Park on Seth’s laptop and passed out in a pile on Jason’s bed.

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