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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


3. how to get there

We landed and we ran out the plane before anyone else, and because we had no idea where our next flight was and it was leaving in 10 minutes. We eventually found it after running around the whole airport and finding out that we had to move one waiting room area. They waited for us which was quite funny because this time we weren’t the only ones in business class.

The flight was about two hours but we were exhausted so we slept the whole way to Bristol. As we got there Jason ended up waking me up with his guitar by slamming an A-chord in my ear which wasn’t very nice.

As we got through the gate we saw a grey old man wearing a suit, with a sign saying Roxaan and Jason. As we went up to him I saw he had all our stuff already which I found weird since I hadn’t seen it since I left South Africa.

“Are you two the new arrivals from South Africa?” he said in a posh English accent.
After a long and awkward silence I answered “yes we are. I am Roxaan and this is Jason.”
He put down the sign and said “very nice to meet you. I am Jonah, your new butler.”
“These people are loaded “I said abruptly and without thinking. Jason just looked at me in shock son I added, “I am so sorry I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Please don’t worry. Those two have money coming out of everywhere.” Said Jonah, he quickly added” now will you follow me to the car, we have at least 20 minutes to drive.”

We followed him to the ever cheesy 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. I’m not going to lie it is an amazing car, just too cheesy for my tastes. On the way there we pass through the south of England and we eventually start to talk to Jonah, about our new family. He tells us that we are going into a huge family that is locally famous. Mr. Simon is the pastor of a small church in the town, and since there is a population of 1,500 so everyone goes to the church. They have ten kids; don’t worry only three of them are actually theirs. Their kids are Jamie who is 17, Janie who is 16 and Samantha who is 5.

“Mr. and Mrs. Simon are busy a lot and go all over the world for business trips…” he continued, “after the arrival of Jamie and Janie, they first adopted Robert from Florida when he was about 8 so about 10 years ago maybe? He is an IT developer in New York, so we don’t see him often. They went to California and adopted 3 year old Mason, he is twelve now and quite the prankster. He once set off a stink bomb right before a small church get together; Mr. Simon had church outside for a week.  After that they went to the Pitcairn Islands and adopted Jacob and Seth, who were 4 and 8 at the time. they then had little Samantha and that same year they adopted Sally who was 12 as well as Brad, which was about 9 or 10, back from California.”
“Wait but that’s only 9?” I said curiously.
“I am so sorry I have forgotten Brian who is twelve and also from Florida. He only arrived 3 years ago so I must have forgotten him.”
“It’s alright. We won’t tell.” Said Jason. We jumped out of our skins since we didn’t know he was even listening and I hadn’t heard him speak since the airport.
“And he has a voice box.” Said Jonah, I have to admit that Jonah seems like a grumpy old man but he is the funniest person I have ever met. “And we are here. Welcome to your new home.”

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