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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


15. He needs my help...

I sat up screaming in my bed in a cold sweat, remembering the nightmare I just endured. It was the reoccurring dream, but it wasn’t the same as it normally was. It started the same, me in a building surrounded by fire and burning furniture. I am still wearing the white dress, but it wasn’t torn or broken. It had a tight bodist on the front going into a loose skirt but with diamonds all over the bodist then getting less and less down the skirt. The girl that is usually sitting on the chair is missing; in her place is a mirror instead. I see the girl walking towards me in the same dress but again am black and she isn’t wearing a mask. She looks exactly like me but her hair is a lot longer than mine. She comes towards me and whispers in my ear “Be careful it’s never as good as you think…” That simple line freaked me out beyond belief, especially since it was someone like me who was saying it. Greyson burst through my door and ran to me crying on my bed. Not saying a word he just held me as tightly as he could just let me calm down in his embrace. Once I had calmed down enough to speak fluently he just made me sat up and said “now go shower we have to leave in 45 mins and u stink.” In a voice and pulling a smug grin in only a fashion he could pull off. I showered and came back to him taking my bags downstairs presumably to his car. I threw on underwear as fast as I could fearing someone would come in asking why i was screaming or why Greyson was in my room. And thank my lucky stars I did because as soon as I put my bra and underwear on Jason and Seth ran into my room being followed by Brad with all of then still in their PJ pants and bed hair going wild. “Hey guys-” I was cut short when I realized I was wearing lace underwear that was semi see through. I then grabbed my towel while the boys were confused why I was covering myself up then I added “I am in my underwear.” It was thus then that they got embarrassed and all turned around to avoid seeing my half nakedness. Then to make this situation even better Greyson walked in and saw all of us blushing our asses off and burst out laughing and ushered my brothers out of my room so I could get dressed. I put on a pair of navy blue high waisted shorts and tucked a white tank top into it while wearing my guns and roses crop top, with black all stars. I then ran to the boys room where I heard all of them laughing , I walked in and saw Jason, Seth and Brad sitting on the bed while the rest of the retards in this house was huddled around them laughing until they saw me looking as disappointed as I could with a smile on my face. “Explain yourselves.” I said crossing my arms and pursing my lips. “okay well we heard you screaming and then we got worried and tried to come inside but we couldn’t cause the door was jammed and we got it open, but Greyson was walking out and he said you were going in for a shower. So when we heard the water shutting off we were still worried so we waited a bit and tried to come inside but the door was jammed again but we got it open and…” Jason said not breaking my gaze until he stopped and looked at Seth and Brad. “…until it happened.” Seth said and they all roared into laughter. “You are all truly special but I have to go so I will see you in a week.” I then hugged them all goodbye and ran downstairs to see Greyson talking to Jonah downstairs. “Remember miss to message someone at the house at all times.” “I will. Goodbye Jonah.” I hugged him and we left the house. “Well here we go my lady, but first you have to give me a kiss.” Greyson said holding the door open for me with an excited tone in his voice. “And what if I don’t?” “Then I will toss you out the car when you least expect it.” He said raising an eyebrow and laughing. I kissed him and we started to make out way to his house to fetch Cody, Michael and Julian. We passed our gate, down the hill, and through the town with people waving and saying goodbyes as we left, all without Greyson saying a word. At first I thought it was just him concentrating on the road but it wasn’t something was wrong... “G, are you okay?” I said rubbing his shoulder. He pulled into his drive way and he hooted indicating that we were there to his brothers. And he just turned to me and said, “Im terrified.” “Terrified of what G?” “Of meeting my other…” “I see.” I said while taking my seatbelt off and turning to face him completely. “Why?” “i guess because me and my dad never had an amazing relationship before him and my mom got the divorce, especially afterwards when he went missing and I never heard from him again my mom still hurt like hell. That just made me hate him a lot more then I already did… I guess I’m just worried that I will take my anger of my dad onto them, they don’t deserve that.” He looked at me with eyes full of hurt and suffering. “I don’t know what I am going to do. That’s why I asked you to come. So you could warn me if I was getting too harsh or not...” It’s at this moment that I knew that Greyson needed me a lot and I was going to do everything in my power to be there if and when he needed me in the next week. It was also in this moment that he started tearing up and needed to sit in the back with me while me him and Cody sat in the back. The entire way to the airport he sat with his head on my shoulder with Cody asking if he was okay the whole time. The conversations on the way there was minimal but needed as all of the boys had similar thoughts about the situation. They all agreed that they wouldn’t expect anything and keep an open mind about the whole thing. The next thing they would try and do in time was to try and get their side of what happened. It is going to be an interesting week but at least I will get time with Greyson.
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