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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


6. great cities produce great people

As we all, being me, Seth, Jason and Sam, carted ourselves in the car we saw someone roll up in the drive. It was a beaten down dark green little bug and in it was a tall good looking person in his late teens, with his skin not the best, his hair was straight in a emo style haircut and he had the most beautiful ice blue eyes. “Robby!” shouted Seth and almost ran over to the car. “Come here you two.” he said and motioned us over to car. “Hi I’m Rob, I saw you guys getting in the car and I had to come over and introduce myself, but I would like to apologise I was in New York hope you haven’t been here too long.” He said in an oddly gruff voice. “No please don’t worry, we arrived yesterday. I’m Roxaan and this is Jason.” I said in a voice that sounded ten times more awake then I actually was. “That’s good then. I am just about to go to the house does anyone need a ride?” he asked. “Uhh no we were just heading out to show them the town.” said Seth. “Okay see you guys at church later then?” said Rob hugging Sam. “Defiantly.” Said Seth and we immediately got in our cars and went our separate ways. We went through the gate and were going down a mass hill that I don’t remember being there when we came to the house in the first place. As we were going down the hill you could start to see the starts of little buildings. The whole town was in a beautiful Victorian style, every single building. I start to sense serenity with a hint of secrecy, which for a split second really scares me. “There is the bakery and the pharmacy is next to it.” Seth points out to us. “Where is everyone?” Jason asks a question that I hadn’t noticed up to now. “They are all getting ready for the dinner and church service tonight.” Seth started to explain. “We as the pastor’s family obviously have to be there. It isn’t bad because we run a teen program on Saturday nights. “How many people go to the youth group in a small town like this?” I asked. “Well there is our family, but poor little Sammy isn’t old enough yet to join the teen group.” he said looking at her longingly from the front seat looking back on her and Jason in the back seat. “Isn’t there a youth group she could join?” asked Jason out of the blue. “We have been trying for years but Mr and Mrs Smith isn’t here long enough to help us. When they aren’t here we usually try to take over the church. We have a system and usually don’t do to bad but it really helps with Jonah around.” And then we stopped, at the local High School. “Here is our… lovely high school.” Said Seth in a voice that was so sarcastic little Sam actually spoke up and said “Seth you told me it was hell in there.” As we all laughed we started to get out the car. An hour or so passed and after we finished exploring the school and doing admin and stuff I realised how people here seemed to trust us. I mean I know we don’t seem like a Rowley bunch of teens but it was genuinely weird? There was an old lady at the office and her named was Ruth a kind old lady who seemed like her grandkids went to the local middle school and bakes cookies for the church every Sunday. “Well we really should be going now Ruth but thank you so much for everything.” Said Seth and he hugged her and we awkwardly did so too and we left. We stopped for Ice-cream and as we did Seth got a phone call. He went outside and Jason was talking ti the cute cashier girl. Sam is the cutest little girl ever and we have made plans for after the new music hall is ready I am going to attempt to teach her how to play the piano. After we all piled in the car again the boys stopped at clothing store and I realised that I had nothing whatsoever to wear tonight. “I will help you pick something out” Said sally quite happily holding my hand. She has amazing style for a 5 year old! She saw a sparkly soft blue dress and I am not a fan of blue or sparkles but to make her happy I tried it on. AND IT LOOKED AMAZING!!!! So we went to go pay and the cashier said that I must consider it a welcome gift!!! I love this town!!!! We couldn’t find the boys until we went to the beanies and they were right there dressed as hipsters, it was hilarious and as Sam saw them she in a very loud voice said why you two dressed so funny? Right there I knew it was time to go home.
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