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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


11. fair is fair

Woke up early on Saturday morning to go paint the music room which was done being built, I looked at me phone and saw a message from Greyson<3; it read ‘hey Rox :D just wanted to text you and ask you out to the church fundraiser tonight. I know it is last minute but I REALLY wanted to see you before i go to California in a couple of weeks. Just let me know. G’ I couldn’t stop screeching when I saw the message from him. I messaged him back telling him that I would love to and see him around 6.

I pulled on old shorts and an old school shirt I had and took a short jog down to the music room and most of the guys were already shirtless and covered in more paint then the actual music room was. “Hey guys look who actually woke up.” Jamie said winking at me while still coated in blackboard paint that I knew needed to be scrubbed until he had one layer of skin left to get off. I heard a mumble of hay’s and some of the guys came closer to give me a hug… but then realized they wanted me full of paint, “especially after her late night last night.” He added and I quietly started to turn red, and I wasn’t the paint.

“What do you mean?” I tried to play it off innocently while grabbing a paintbrush.
“Oh we heard all about your little meeting with Greyson last night” said Seth and all the boys started sarcastically ooh-ing and ahhh-ing.

“Shame man, leave her alone.” Said Jason acting as my hero coming towards me and hugging me, “but just shall you know…”
“… We will be following you on your next date.” Said Brain while squeezing my shoulder and winking at me.
I playfully slapped all of them ‘forgetting’ to mention that I had a date with him that night and continuing to paint the outside of the building cream.
“Speaking of your next date, when is that exactly.” said brad with a cocky grin. Crap they caught me…
“I don’t think it’s any of your business.” I said trying not to be too obvious.
“It totally tonight isn’t it.” Seth said stopping painting and all the boys following him afterwards while I just carried on painting and shaking my head.
The next couple of hours they bantered each other had a million paint fights and seriously meant they were going to stalk me on my date with Greyson tonight.

We eventually finished and we all stepped back to admire our handy work; and before we knew it, it was 5 o’ clock. I ran as fast as my very tired and paint covered legs would carry me back to the house.
After half an hour of being in the shower I finally got all the cream coloured paint off, which wasn’t a bad colour cause I didn’t see if it was still there.

I dried my hair and scraped it messily into a side parting and put on underwear and a new flower patterned sundress, in an attempt to look a lot more mainstream teenage girl.  I then looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I looked like a doll and wasn’t me at all. So I put a black tight-ish dress on and paired it with my black all stars and leather jacket. This was me.

I put on thick eyeliner and mascara and bless the lord I had a clear completion for once.  As it was quarter to six and i had to leave with the boys and Sam. The rest of the girls were still getting ready and would only show up when they had to, which was at about at 7 when we were thanked by our parents for organizing the fundraiser.

I put lip-gloss in my shoulder bag and ran downstairs and saw all the guys in dark denim jeans and different coloured collared shirts. We all piled in the cars and drove to the front of the lot to the equestrian area. It was now then that all the boys decided to take shifts on my date… this is going to be so awkward.

So in the 10 minute car ride to the open farm at the edge of town all the boys eventually decided that they would all take 10 minute shifts in pairs and if it wasn’t their shift and they saw us unattended they would take it upon themselves to look after us.

We got their and as soon as everyone saw us they moved out the way. This in Johannesburg never happens… ever.
“Do they do that here?” Jason asked while I agreed in confusion.
“Yeah it’s kind of weird but they won’t stop.” Jamie said,”but I am not complaining because parking is a bitch here.”
We swiftly found a park right at the entrance, obviously. We were automatically greeted by like 70 people at once saying hi and hellos. We made our way to the stage to say hello to the people and our parents. This was Jason and my job because we came later on in the year and didn’t get to organise much so Jason was going to do a speech. I walked up to the microphone with Jason so he could introduce me and I could thank the people.
“Good morning ladies and gentleman…umm I am Jason and I guess we would like to thank you all for coming to the annual church fundraiser.” Jason said fumbling on each word.” I would like to introduce Roxaan to thank the... um committee.” As he left the stage he looked at me and mumbled ‘I hate crowds’ as the crowd applauded.
“Thanks Jason.” I looked up and saw Greyson standing about 3 meters away from the stage winking at me while I read off of my phone, “uh…first of all I would like to thank the Telescas family for letting us use their family farm, the Donovans for all the food, Donovan and Daniel Dee for the tables and all the table cloths and I would like to thank all the family’s and stalls involved in the selling of goods.” I put my phone down and gestured to the side where my siblings were “and a special thanks to the church board as well as my family for all the hard work they have put into organizing the event. “I said and didn’t know what to say after that. So I Awkwardly added “Enjoy the fair everyone.”

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