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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


14. camp time

Waking up to a bunch of “what the hell’s” and “what is going on here’s.” and I realised we were all piled on top of Seth on Jason’s bed… this looked quite dogey. The two boys didn’t seem very bothered and made it look even worse by making fail of sexy faces and pulling each other closer together.

We untangled ourselves and started getting ready for our holiday club that was starting today for the younger crowd. We made our way to the open piece of land or a natural ‘veld’ as we call it in South Africa. The plan is to teach them how hard living off the land is, teamwork, and teaching them values and on and on…

We went to the camp site and Greyson and his brother showed up to help. We all started by talking of how to separate the teams, so we talked in a group of what has happened when we go to camp when we are being we eventually decide to  randomly give the kids a number from 1 to 6 written on a piece of material. Then all the ones will go together and all the twos will go together and so on…

Ones will be Jamie. Twos will be Greyson. Three will be Seth. Fours will be me, yay? Five will be Janie. Six will be Brain. Sally, rob, Michael and Julian will be in charge of the kitchen and running of info to the parents and back.

Today they will build tents that they will sleep in. Every day will begin with worship then breakfast then an activity. They will then go to lunch then a bible lesson then another activity, then an hour of chill time. They then have dinner then an activity then bed time.

 As soon as I heard all this I was in total shock of the plan I mean this was hectic, but it will tire them out and make them sleep. All the girls will sleep with me, Janie and Sally. And the boys will sleep with all the guy consolers.  

So now that we have set up everything and set up the activities for the day, all we had to do was put our consolers stuff on. We all got our shirts and got dressed.  As I came out of the girl’s bathroom I saw Greyson in the black consoler’s shirts with the white piping.  He came to me and gave me the most intense kiss that we have shared since.

“Hi” he plainly said pulling out of the kiss. “I got some knows that I really want to talk to you about.” I opened my eyes and saw that he was almost in tears.

“Sure let’s go somewhere quiet.” I wiped a tear away and tried to look sincere. We went to the waiting area for the kids because we had to do that anyway.

“What’s wrong Grey?” I said and I held his hand and squeezed it so he knew I was listening.

“You know my dad passed a while ago.” He said staring at our intertwined hands, as I nodded in acknowledgment. He then stared up at me, “before he left my parents got a divorce he then left and went off the grid. He then got remarried but my mom never told us. We found out yesterday that he has 3 more boys and that is why we are going to California on Monday, to meet them.”

As soon as he unloaded this bombshell on me he burst into tears and hugged me and the only thing I could do was pull him to the side as (comically) the kids arrived. Luckily Cody and Michael saw and greeted the kids for us.

“Listen Greyson, calm down.” I said slowly to try and calm him down. “Are you scared to meet them or upset that your mom didn’t tell you?”

When he finally calmed down enough he said, “both and this is going to seem very shallow but I really need you to come with me to California is there any knows on that.” He looked at me in a way that I knew he needed me and I will do anything I can, he won’t feel alone like I did.

“Jonah is sorting it out for me, I will, phone him and ask as soon as I can. I promise that I will be there if I can okay.” I took his face in my hand, “we won’t be alone anymore we have each other okay.”

He kissed me again and I said, “I am going to phone him right now. Go clean yourself up.” He then went to the bathroom and I phoned Jonah.

“Hi Jonah, its Roxaan I have to make this quick but what did my parents say about California?”

“Hello Miss Roxaan. They said yes as long as you message someone in the house at all times.”

“Thank you so much Jonah! You rock!” I hanged up and got the pieces of material while they were finishing the chants.

“Okay just sit where you are, we will explain how the teams are going to work.” Brain said and all the kids sat immediately.

They then all turned to me holding the box of material squares, “oh me? Uhh… right. So you guys make a line.” They all took like 10minutes to form a line. “Now you will all get a piece of material, after that you will go to your camp consoler. If you get a one you will go to Jamie and Brad…” I tossed their piece of material to where they were standing and they waved. “Twos will be Cody and Greyson.” “Three will be Seth and Jason.” I again tossed their number and they waved, “Fours will be me, five will be Janie and six will be Brain”

We gave all the numbers out and I got mason and Jacob along with rose, Kit, Tate, Dylan and lastly Megan. They were all 12 which were alright, yay hormones. We all got in our groups and explained the days plan, make a team chant, team name and let them get ready for the first activity. This in our case was building a raft by the river. I will go around with my team and collect and help give scores to all the activities. We will both monitor the score for the week and the winning team gets a bag of sweets as well as a bunch of bandanas and shirts for everyone in the team.

While my team was busy sorting their stuff out for the activity I took the opportunity to run to Greyson and Cody’s team that was still busy with their team.

“Hey Greyson, can we talk?” I said whispering in his ear while I hugged him from behind.

“That depends on what you mean by need to talk.” He said looking comically worried at me.

“Oh no not like that. My parents said yes to California.”

“Really?” Cody said with a huge cocky smile on his face.

“Yea really?” Greyson said looking very relieved.

“Yes they did.” He then kissed me to the dismay of his team which was all boys which roared in cringes and eaw’s.

“Well I will be at the River, Cody you are at the abseiling.”

“Awesome see you babe.” He kissed my check and I walked away but before I could I heard a little voice say ‘is that your girlfriend?’ and Greyson just saying a clear and louder than expected “soon.” I turned back and said “not soon enough.” And I then ran away to the river.

I ran to the consoler’s bathroom to get dressed into my bikini. And started to wait for the teams to reassemble

“Okay now team 1 and 5 you will follow Jamie and Janie to Cody. Team 3 and team 6 will go with their consolers to the bus. And lastly team 2 and 4 will go to the river.” I gathered my team and looked out for team four. It then dawn on me that Julian had paired mine and Grayson’s teams together for day one. The little shit.

 I walked over to Greyson looking very lost and I said. “So now baby Grey we go to the river.” A huge smile dawned on his face once he knew what was going on. We walked out to the river and saw a shirtless Brad taking down barrels, wooden poles and a lot of rope. This will be what they have to make the raft out of.

“Guys just sit where you are so we can explain what to do.” They then all sat down and after some convincing and shouting finally stopped talking.  “Now with the material provided you guys have an hour by yourselves to build a raft and swim yourselves over to the end and back of the river, as well as putting all the materials back there neatly. The consoler isn’t allowed to help you only me and only twice. So you all need to get the stuff from over here, this is also included in your hour. 2 people must get the stuff at a time the rest must sit. Once the object crosses over this line…”he pointed to a ribbon on the floor, “may 2 other people go and get the next bunch of stuff. Any questions? Okay 1, 2, 3 GO!!!”

There was an immediate rush of tiny high pitched voices screaming and egging each other on. While we couldn’t do anything I and Greyson decided to talk by ourselves.

“I want to make a bet with you babe.” Greyson said turning to me.

“What is this bet? That my team will beat yours at the end of the week? I bet you a dinner alone in California next week.”  I said with a smug look of self-pride in my team on my face.

“You read my mind.” He said and we shook on it.

“Hey guys why don’t we start to play music no way?” I said announcing and pulling out my shox speakers. We started to play all the old classics that we all knew and jammed until it was time to start swimming. It took my team about 30 mins to build the raft. They crossed 4 poles in a rectangle and then separated that in half and put the two barrels in the middle. They told me to spread myself in the idle of the 2 barrels and I decided to tan while I am at it. We made it to the other side and back no problem, but we had a problem untying the knots to the poles. Nevertheless we still won the race against Grayson’s team, because his teams raft pulled him under at the end of the river.

We all went for lunch, then we went into the church to listen to team three and sixes bible lesson for the day at the church. Our next activity was to go Cody for Abseiling. This was not for scores only for fun so we left the boys and was just there for safety.

In free time we let the boys and girls go to the tuck shop and shower. The night activity was going on a night hike.

The next couple of days we were going on obstacle courses, swimming, waterslides and find the flag hunts. With every day beginning with worship lead by the youth group band.

At the end of the week we were all exhausted, but I am really excited for California next week. Eep!

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