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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


16. all the way to cali

Landing is officially my worst thing about flying. The four boys and me found our bags and started making our way through customs and such to get to the outside world again. Greyson was still a bit sensitive but after we all talked it over in the car coming over here he is back to his old self again. Is all started when he started joking and causing trouble in the plane and didn’t end even after we were out of the airport. Greyson, Cody and I waited while Michael and Julian were sorting out a car for us for the week. They were taking quite a while and Cody was starting to get impatient. “That’s it I am going to see where they are. How about you to love birds go find something to eat then.” He said giving Greyson some money and winking when he said ‘love birds’ while chuckling and walking inside. “well fellow love bird lets go see what there is too eat” Greyson said to me while taking my hips in his hands and giving me a kiss on my forehead while embracing me in a hug. While still in the hug he said “it really does mean a lot that you are here and support me with all of this that is going on, not a lot of girls would have taken on all of my baggage.” He said and giggled at the end. “I am always going to be here for you G. you have been the only stable thing in my life that has happened in a long time.” I said taking his hand in mine, “you mean my sanity right now.” “And you mine Roxaan.” He said taking my face in his and kissing me on my lips. We started to make our way inside of the airport building and checking what there was and we decided to do the most tourist thing possible. McDonalds. After we ordered and got our food we took a selfies in front of the restaurant and made our way to the car rental place. After we got there the other three siblings looked very grateful and happy that we had food. After we ate the food Michael’s phone started to ring and all of their faces fell and he passed me the phone. I looked and saw it said ‘Summer.’ I hesitated but said “hello?” A girl who was probably as scared as I was said “hey, is this Michael, Julian, Cody and Greyson?” “Uhh no it isn’t but I am with all of them.” “Okay in guessing you are Greyson lady-friend?” “Oh my word” I said and started to laugh while receiving quite dirty and confused looks from the other three but I continued “yes I am.” “Alright I am Summer, I just called to make sure that we are meeting at the Venice beach suits hotel tonight like we planned.” “Yes I think that is still okay.” I said and we stated our goodbyes and I hung up. “What did she say?” Michael said looking worried. “She said that we are going to meet them at the hotel tonight. I said yes.” “Perfect then.” Said Julian and left to fetch the car. “Well what are we going to do until then?” asked Greyson. “I think we should check into the hotel so long. And see what’s around the hotel to do.” I said. All the boys agreed that that was a good plan. Julian pulled up in a Mercedes viano eight seater and we piled all of the bags into the car and we then piled ourselves in next. We blasted Pierce the Veil and My Chemical Romance the whole way there and all of us jamming in the car almost made us forget about the sadness they were feeling before the plane ride.

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