Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


6. 6th December

6th December.

You woke up with someone arms around you. You quickly removed them and got up. 'Who the hell can that be' you thought and looked down at the boy who was Jake. You didn't do anything last night, just went to bed. You smiled at him and walked down the stairs. "Shit it's school today" you exclaimed and ran upstairs, to wake up Jake. "Jake wake up we need to go to school" you said and shook him till he woke up. "I'm gonna go and take a shower, see ya in a bit" you said and kissed his cheek. He smiled at you and you walked to the bathroom. First after the shower you realized that you've forgotten to take some underwear in here and that means, that you need to go out in front of Jake without any clothes on, only a towel wrapped around you. You needed to do so. You walked to your room only with a towel and found some clothes to take on. "Would you please look away, while I'm changing" you asked him, he nodded and turned around. You took off your towel and turned around, but Jake didn't turn around. 'What was wrong with that guy? He didn't turn around like so many other guys would, like everybody else would, even girl would turn around if you told them not to' you thought and took on your clothes. "Now I'm done" you said and he turned around. He smiled at you and went to change his clothes on the bath room. 'Okay this guy is boring, but he's sweet and down to earth' you thought and smiled a little smile. You missed your nights with Justin and you only had three days left alone, then your mom will be back home. "Hi sweetie" you heard Jake say behind and he kissed your cheek. "Hi" you said and smiled. 'Maybe I could invite Justin over tonight' you thought. "Ready for school" Jake asked and smiled. "No I need to fix my make-up" you said and smiled. "Okay I will wait down the stairs" he said and walked down to the kitchen. 'He is too boring for me' you thought and putted on your make and fixed your hair. You walked down the stairs to Jake and you smiled at all this Christmas things all around in the kitchen and living room. It was so cozy. Together you walked to school and you walked hand in hand to your locker and you found your books for the next lesson. Luckily you shouldn't be the same place. You didn't know why you walked hand in hand with him, if you didn't like him like that, you just did. At lunch you texted Justin, asking him if you could over after school, AKA, 4pm and he said that he'd love to. You smiled at his text and then like all the other days, all the boys came to sit at your table also Jake, who said down next to you and just smiled at you. You smiled a little fake smile back and started to eat your lunch.

*after school*

You totally forgot that Justin would come over and then the door bell rang. You slowly woke up and ran down the stairs to the door. It was Justin. He smiled at you and walked inside. You just fell in his arms and cried. You didn't know why, you just haven't cried since you broke up with Josh and you can't find anyone that's like him. You were broken, totally broken. "What's wrong sweetie" Justin asked and stroke my hair. "I miss him so much" you cried out and just buried your head into Justin's chest. "Who" he asked stroking my back. "My ex, Josh" you cried out. "C'mon let's sit down sweetheart" he said calm and pulled away, "then you can tell me what happened." You nodded slowly still crying. You broke totally down. "Shhh, don't cry *Y/N*" he said and smiled to you, but everything was blurry because of the tears that kept running down your cheeks. He pulled you into a big bear hug, which made you calm down a little bit so you could tell it all to Justin. You trusted him. "Ready" he asked and dried away the tears on your cheeks. You nodded and sighed. "Umm, so me and Josh had been dating for like 2 months and then Sunday he told me that he was gonna move to Australia, with his mom. I cried and he told me everything was gonna be alright, that lair. Well then the next day he said it would be easier that if we broke up, because then he wouldn't miss me so much. I couldn't and I still can't understand how he could say this, but anyways then we broke up and I left him. I haven't seem him since. But the problem is that I still love him and I miss him like crazy......" You explained to Justin. He looked sad at you, "I'm sorry for ya, it's must've been really hard for you." "It was and still is. But then the same night as we broke up and I went to the club and met you. Then I forgot a bit about him. Then yesterday there started a new boy in my school and we went home to me to hang up Christmas thing and then he stayed here all night. But he was boring, and then I came to think about you, that I missed you, kinda...." You said and looked at the ground. "Hey everything is gonna be alright" he told you and dried your tears away. He kissed your cheek and pulled you into a big bear hug. "Justin" you asked. "Yeah" he said and smiled. "Would you please stay here with me, just to cuddle" you asked him a little insecure. "Of cause" he said and smiled at you.

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