Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


21. 21st December

21st December

You stood in the door frame, looking at Justin, you were going out on a date today and you were pretty excited. But before that, you decided to go out and buy some presents for Christmas. You didn't knew what to get for Justin, but you thought about that you maybe could give him a car or something. Or maybe, some of these shoes he always wears, or some really really baggy pants, so he don't has to have them hang down on the middle of his legs. Sometimes he can't hold your hand, because he has to held them up, so they don't fall down on the ground.

You already had your clothes, make up and so on, on. You walked over to Justin and kissed his cheek, "love you Jussi." You walked down the stairs and wrote a note saying: "Shopping Christmas presents - *Y/N*." You took on your winter jacket and your scarf on, then you walked outside in the cold and got into your car. You drove to the mall, parked your car and walked inside of the mall. You needed to be quick because your gonna leave tomorrow. You wanted to spend Christmas with your mom. Justin couldn't come, because he wanted to be with his mom and in somehow she couldn't take a plain, it was something with her back. You really wondered what it was, but they just told you not to worry.

You walked into a shop and bought some baggy pants and these shoes, which was called Supra, for Justin. You walked out again. You walked into a jewelry shop and bought a gold bracelet, you got them to write, "I love you - *Y/N*" on the inside. You walked out again and went to another shop, to get something for your mom and Pattie. You bought a frame, where you could put some pictures of you and your mom in, some earrings and a trip for the two of you, to the Bahamas. And you bought some flowers and a necklace for Pattie. You thought about buying something for your dad, but he could get some flowers or something, when he comes and visit you. You also got some clothes for yourself. You had like ten bags or something, but you got out to the car, without loosing anything. When you got home you asked Justin to help you and thank god these presents was wrapped in. "Aye baby just wait 4 more days" you giggled and poked his stomach. He groaned, "but I can't wait." "Oh that's a shame, because you have to" you said and took his presents to a room and locked it. You hid the key and putted Pattie and your mom's presents in your closet. "Justin would you please help me with this" you asked, pointing at the bags with your new clothes in. "Is this all yours" he asked, raising an eyebrow. You nodded, "yep all of it." You kissed his cheek. "Victoria Secret" he smirked and clapped my butt. I giggled, "you like what you see." He nodded, "oh yeah." You giggled and pressed his lips against yours. You pulled away and poked his nose, "let's go baby." He chuckled and took the rest of the bags. "Where is Pattie" you asked and smiled. "She is shopping Christmas presents" Justin said and kissed your cheek. "Sorry baby, I gotta make this present for my mom" you said and stroke his cheek. "I'll help you baby" he said and smiled. "Okay Jussi, I'll just find her present" you said and walked into your closet. When you came back you found Justin searching for his presents. "Justin it

s not in here" you chuckled. He giggled, "okay princess." You walked down stairs and spread out the pictures of you and your mom, out on the dinner table. "Help me find the best pictures baby" you said kissing his cheek. He didn't search for very long time, till he found the most ugly picture if you. He chuckled, "is that really you baby." You nodded and looked at it. He giggled and stroke your cheek, "your cute." When you finally found the pictures you needed to packed down the others and started to make a collage of them, with a little poem, you wrote for her, in the middle. It was beautiful and you were pretty sure that she would cry. You smile satisfied and looked at Justin. "It's beautiful baby" he said and kissed your cheek. "Thanks and thanks for your help, I couldn't have done without you" you pecked his lips and wrapped it in some beautiful Christmas paper. "Love you princess." "Love you prince."

Then Pattie came in with all of her bags and so on. "Let me help you" you exclaimed and ran over to help her. She thanked you a lot and Justin came to help too. When you've got all her bags up in her room Justin said that now it was his turn to buy some presents. He took his phone, credit card and so on. He pecked your lips and Patties cheek gentle. "Love you princess" he said before he walked out of the door. "Love you too" you said and smiled, you knew he couldn't hear you, but you said it anyway.

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