Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


20. 20th December

20th December

You woke up by the sound of someone singing, in the bath. You smiled, you could hear it Justin. He just has a beautiful voice. You slowly turned around and fell asleep again, to the sound of Justin's beautiful singing voice. "Baby wake up, it's 10 am" you heard Justin's voice far away. You felt him shake me, till you opened you eyes and looked straight into his beautiful golden brown eyes. "Morning princess" he said kissing each of your cheek, "slept well." You nodded and smiled, "I actually was awake when you were in bath, but I fell asleep again to the sound of your beautiful voice, singing." He smiled and pecked you lips, "your sweet baby." He helped you to get up and just as you got up, he pecked your lips. You didn't expect that so you poked him in the stomach and giggled. "Was it is with you and poking in my stomach" he asked lifting you up and spinning your around. "I don't know, I like it" you said as he putted you down again. He smiled, "I don't like yours." You looked at him raising an eyebrow. "I love it princess" he said and kissed your cheek, "I don't like your stomach, I love it." "Your asshole" you giggled, "don't ever do that again." "Can't promise you anything sweetheart" he said, stroking your cheek with his thumb. "Your sweet Jussi" you said poking his nose. "Stop that" he giggled and pulled you into a hug. "I though that we maybe could go out on that date tomorrow or something, before Christmas" he asked into your hair and pulled away. You nodded, "of cause, I'd love to Jussy." He pecked your lips and smiled at you, "alright then, Saturday the 21st, is gonna be the day of our first date." "It is, and I'm sure I'm never going to forget it" you said and kissed his cheek gentle. "Let's get something to eat baby" he said and grabbed you hand. He took you downstairs and made som breakfast for you. "Morning love birds" you heard Patties tired morning voice. "Morning Pattie" you said and smiled happily. "Morning mom." "Did you two sleep well" she asked. "Amazing and you" you answered and looked at her. She was really pretty and sweet. You kinda felt she was your other mom, when your mil was out if town, you actually came there a lot when you was little.

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