Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


1. 1th December

1th December.

The white snow was falling down on the cold cold ground and made a white blanket of snow. You smiled and walked away from the window. You loved snow and Christmas, you loved the cozy days, hot chocolate, milk and cookies. "*Y/N*" you heard your mom shout from downstairs. "Yeah" you shouted back smiling. "We got to go now" she shouted back. "Coming" you ran down the stairs to your mom. Your dad weren't here and he haven't been for a while, he was out working. He was a very famous designer and right now he was traveling around in the world with his new clothing line. Well you took your winter jacket on, your old black converse and a black scarf. You took your iPhone 5s - you have all the new stuff because your dad was a designer - and walked out in the car. Your mom was right behind you. Your mom were going to a meeting and you was going to your best friend and boyfriend Josh. You've been together for 1 month and your are still happy. Well you've broken up one time because he cheated on you, but you forgave him and now your here.

You knocked on the door to your boyfriends house. The door opened and your boyfriend stood, hot as hell, smiling, "Hi baby." "Hi baby" you said and he took you inside. "Don't move" he said and smirked. You looked weird at him and looked around, "why." "Look up" he said and you looked up. There was a mistletoe, you smiled and he came closer to you, "I love you *Y/N*." "Love you too Josh" you said and his lips were pressed against yours, in a passionate kiss. You smiled through the kiss and pulled away. He smiled too. You took of your shoes, jacket and scarf. And together you walked to his big room. "*Y/N*" you heard him mutter into your hair. You laid with your head on his chest and he stroked your back. "Mmm" you muttered and slowly looked up at him. "I'm gonna leave town for a while" he said and looked sad at you. "What!?" you exclaimed and sat up, "why." "Because my mom got a work in Australia and we have to stay there for a while" he said and a tear fell down his cheek. "How long do you we have left then" you asked as a tear fell down your cheek and Josh dried it away. "A week" he said. "Well okay then" you cried. He pulled you into a hug, "everything is gonna be alright don't worry baby."

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