Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


14. 14th December

14th December

You woke up on the couch and you felt an arm wrapped around you. You smiled, opened your eyes and sat up. You looked around and saw Justin lay down behind you. You still had your clothes on from yesterday. You remembered what Justin said yesterday and smiled. It was Saturday again, no school tomorrow and just a chill day. You walked up and thought that you maybe should go out for a run or something. You took some baggy pants on and a hoodie. You putted your hair up in a bun and took your phone and earphones. You took on your running shoes and walked down stairs again. The snow already melted again, so you could run without thinking about falling because of the snow. Well you opened the door and walked outside in the cold winter wether. You putted your earphone in your ears and turned on the music. You started to run. You ran for a pretty long time and when you got back again and walked inside and sat down in the kitchen, catching your breath. You took of your hoodie, you had a top under so you didn't stand in bra. You took some water and sat down again. "Morning sweetie" you heard Patties voice. You smiled and turned around to face her, "morning Pattie, slept good." "Yes thanks and you" she asked and smiled. "I did too thanks" you said and smiled at her. "I see you've been out for a run" she said. "Yes I have" you said, "I should've taken Bella, with me." "No it's okay, I will just go for a walk with her now, I love to go out for a walk in the morning" she said and smiled. "Okay" you said and smiled at her. She smiled and walked up stairs to get Bella and take some warm clothes on. You decided to go and take a shower, because you were pretty sweaty after that run. You went to bath and remembered to find some clothes this time. When you were done you walked down the stairs and took some break fast. Justin was still sleeping and you knew he loved his sleep. When you were done eating you decided to go and wake him up. You took some cold water in a bowl and walked to the living room, where he was lying sleeping. You heard a giggle behind you and Patties voice say "Good luck." Then he walked out for a walk with Bella. You laughed and threw the water at Justin and he quickly sat up. He didn't look happy. You ran upstairs and hide in your walk in closet. He was quick and ran after you. But he lost you when you ran into your room. "*Y/N*, I know your in here" you heard his voice. You kept your mouth shut and didn't say a word. He walked into the walk in closet, but you sat in between some if your clothes so he couldn't see you. You sneezed. 'Got dammit, stupid nose' you thought. You saw Justin feed stand right in front of you. He slowly took away the clothes that you hide behind and looked at you angry, but with a little twist in his eyes. "What the hell do you think your doing" he exclaimed and grabbed your hand. Damn he was sexy when he was angry. You bite your lip. "I threw some water at you, to wake you up" you said and smiled. "Because?" He asked. "Because I wanted to" you said and pushed him up against the wall. He was angry maybe your could make it go away, by kissing his neck or something. You started kissing his neck. He pulled away, "I warn you, I'm not calm and gentle when I'm angry." "Okay" you said and started to kiss his neck again. You found his sweet point and started sucking. He moaned and grabbed your hips. You took of his shirt and threw it somewhere. You started to lick down his beautiful toned abs. He enjoyed it as much as you did. He slightly moaned and started to mess up your hair. You slowly and playfully unzipped his pants, pulled them down. He didn't realize that he was almost naked and I was fully dressed. He had his eyes close as I continued to lick down his abs. He slightly moaned. You looked up at him, his eyes were shut and his mouth slightly open. He enjoyed this. Just as your were about to pull down his boxers he stopped you, "you have no idea what your doing." "No I don't, but I don't care" you said into his skin. Your hand touched his big cock and you started rubbing it roughly with your hand. "I...I.......I.... Holy shit" he moaned, "you asked for it, take of these god damn boxers." You took off his boxers and smirked when you saw his big a cock. He had a huge boner on. "Now do it, don't tease me like this" he moaned, "do you know how to give a blow-job." You nodded and took his big cock into your mouth. He moaned your name pretty loud. You smirked and took it deeper into your mouth and he pushed it in and out. "*Y/N*" he moaned out loud. You smirked and kept going. "I'm coming" he moaned. Then you felt him cum into your mouth. "Oh god" he moaned and you pulled out his cock. "Holy shit that was amazing" he exclaimed and you got up from the floor. He started to take of your clothes. He kissed down your neck and took off your bra and thongs. Then he pushed you up against the wall and thrusted inside you. You moaned, "faster." You hoped that Pattie still was out for a walk with their dog Bella. 

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