Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


12. 12th December

12th December 

Yesterday was perfect, you and Justin kissed out in the snow, like a real kiss. Not a sex kiss, not a friend kiss, no it was a real kiss. Now you were almost falling for him. You were kinda sure that he was falling for you too. Or he was in love already. You didn't know. He seemed like it, but he was hard to figure out. Anyway you loved to kiss him, but you wasn't sure if it was enough to fall in love with him. You just broke up with your boyfriend and now your already almost in love with new boy. The question is, weren't you just waiting for a boy like Justin to come? Weren't it your destiny to be with him? That you accidentally met each other? You didn't think so. Anyways you didn't feel so well, so you stayed home and Justin had to go to school, but he promised that he would come home as soon as possible to you and take care of you. He was so sweet, caring, god damn hot, god damn sexy, wonderful kisser, the best friend in the world, there weren't any stupid things about him. As much as you tried you couldn't find one. Your phone rang and you smiled when you saw it was Justin. 

"Hi Jussy" you said and smiled.

"Hi sweetie" he said, "how are ya."

"I'm okay and you" you asked. 

"I'm okay, I miss you" he said.

You smiled, "aww I miss you too" 

You heard someone shout through the phone and then Justin shouted, "sure shut up never talk that way about her again understand, of I will kick your ass." 

"What was that about" you asked him. 

"Just some stupid asshole, who don't know how to speak. They said, can we talk to your slut. Then I ran after them and shouted at them, right in the head and they won't annoy me anymore" he said.

"Thank you Jussy, there ain't any girls who is at you right" you asked him, not quite sure why. 

"Um not at the moment, no. But as soon as they see me, then run after me and I hate it. Why can't they just go away" he said.

You giggled, "Justin that's how it is I'm used to it." 

"But I'd rather have you running after than these things" he giggled. 

"It didn't end up good last time I ran after you" you laughed. 

"I did. It ended up with a kiss" he said. 

"I know" you said and smiling. 

"I want to say one thing about that" he said, "it was wonderful, it felt real, like real real." 

You sighed happy, "it did."

"Well I gotta go, or run" he giggled.

"Bye Jussy" you said.

"Bye sweetie" he said and hung up. You sighed and sat back down in your bed and slowly fell into a deep sleep. You dreamed about Justin and you. You were in a field, with a lot of grass. You laid down in the grass and kissed. Then you saw some kids running around you. It was yours. Then you woke up. You saw Justin's soft brown eyes looking straight into yours. He leaned down and kissed you. "Good morning sweetie" he said and smiled. But why did he kiss you good morning; when you aren't together? Right now your mom were over at Patties to say good bye and so on. "I need you" he said and started to kiss your neck. "Go and find someone else" you said and pushed him away. "What?!!" He asked you confused. "I'm just kidding Jussy" you said and giggled. "Don't mess with Bieber" he said and pushed you down on the bed. "You know I'm sick right" you said and smiled. "It's worth it" he said and kissed your neck again, finding your sweet point and sucking on it. You moaned. "That's how we doing baby" he said and smirked. Now he calls you baby, it's confusing. 

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