Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


11. 11th December

11th December

You woke up to the smell of bacon. You smiled and turned to look at Justin, but he wasn't there. You slowly stood up and thought that he maybe was down stairs talking to your mom, so you went to take a shower. When you were done you walked to your room again and saw Justin sitting on the bed with his phone. "Hi Jussy" you said as you down on the bed and looked at him. You didn't have anything on only underwear and you decided to tease him. "Hi sweetie" he said and putted away his phone. He looked at you, "damn." You giggled, "did you sleep well." He nodded, "yeah I did and you." He kept looking your body. You giggled, "I did to thanks." He smirked and I could see he thought about something. "My eyes are up here Jussy" you said and giggled. "I know they are" he giggled, "c'mon." He took my hand and walked to the big mirror of yours. You looked up in Justin's eyes. "Turn around sweetie" he said and turned you around, he stood with his hands on your hips. "Can't you see that you have the most sexy body in the entire world" he asked and looked at you through the mirror. You shook your head and looked down. "But look at this waist, it's perfect" he said as he took his hands on your waist and followed it's curves down to your hips again, "and these legs." You smiled and looked up at him. He took his hands slowly up and down your legs and placed them on your hips again. "This face, damn it's beautiful" he said stroke your cheek, "these arms and fingers, are perfect too." He took his hands from your shoulder and to your hands, stroking your arms gentle, then he placed his hands on your hips again. You smiled. "This ass you know, it's god damn sexy" he said and turned you around. He turned your head so you was looking in the mirror at your own ass, it was kinda weird. He turned you around again, took one hand and squeezed your ass, so you said "uh." Then placed his hands on your hips again. You smiled and your thought he was done, but no he wasn't. "These breasts, you know, they are just perfect" he said and made you look at them. He smirked, "see how sexy you are." "Thanks Justin" you said and smiled. "Wait I'm not done yet sweetie" he said and smiled. "And these lips, what they do to me, is nothing you wanna know sweetie" he smirked and gently places his lips and mine. You both pulled away on the same time. "Thank you Justin, that was weird, but sweet" you said and poked his nose. Just for information his mom knows he is here and we've got some of his stuff, here as well. "Your welcome sweetie" he said and kissed your cheek. You walked to your closet, you tried and tried, but you couldn't find any clothes to take on. "That's it, I'm so done with clothes" you exclaimed annoyed and sat down on the floor. "What's wrong" you heard Justin's voice from your bed. "I can't find any fucking clothes to have on" you groaned and laid down on the floor in nothing but underwear. "I don't think you should have any on" he said and giggled. "Shut up Bieber" you giggled. You stood up and walked down the stairs. You sat down on the couch, next to your mom and she looked at you, "what's happening here." "I can't find any clothes to have on" you exclaimed. "Sweetie, you look tired, what about you stay home today okay" she said and stroked your cheek. You nodded and smiled, "yes please." "I will call the school and tell that you and Justin aren't coming today" she said and kissed your forehead. "Thank you mom" you said and kissed her cheek. She smiled and you walked up stairs to Justin again. You saw him laying there in bed sleeping and snoring pretty loud. You walked over to him and laid down, then you fell asleep. You woke by someone shaking your arm. You slowly opened your eyes and looked straight into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Okay maybe you were falling for him, but just a little bit, not yet. You smiled and sat up, but your foreheads crashed together, "ouch," you both exclaimed. "Fucking shit, that hurt" you exclaimed and looked at Justin, who sat with his head in his hands. "Shit that hurt man" he exclaimed, but then he looked up at you and you both started to laugh. "Aren't we going to school it's 10 past 8" he asked when you stopped laughing, but he still had a big smile playing on his beautiful lips. "No my mom called the school saying that we aren't going to come today" you said and smiled. "Awesome" he said and smiled. "So what do you wanna do Justy" you asked him. "Snowball fight" he said and smiled really big. "Okay" you said and smiled, "but I don't have any clothes to take on." Yeah you only had your underwear on, even though you've had that on for a while now. "You can borrow some of mine then sweetie" he said and smiled. "Okay then Justy" you laughed and looked into his sparkling eyes. They looked SO happy. Almost in love. You quickly looked away shyly and he stood up to find you some clothes. Just a minute he came back with some sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie. You smiled and took it on. It was way too big, but you loved too big clothes, it made you feel comfortable. You walked outside, when you've got all of your stuff on. You mom stood in the window and looked at you, as you played in the snow. Suddenly, Justin grabbed your arm putted some snow in your head. "You didn't do you that" you exclaimed and giggled. He let go of you and ran away. You ran after him and when you finally got him, you crashed a handful of cold white wet snow in his head. You ran away again, but he got you, he swung you around, with his arms around your waist from behind. You giggled and he sat you down again. You turned around so you faced him. You both laughed, but it faded, when you looked into each other's eyes. Everything disappeared around you, you only had your eyes on Justin.

*no POV*

*Y/N*'s mom stood inside in the warmth while her daughter and Justin was standing in each other's arms. "They are gonna kiss now" she exclaimed and clapped in her hands. Then they cold lips hit each other. As they stood and made out, the snow began to fall. And there they stood, in the falling snow, kissing. It was a real kiss, not a sex kiss, not a friendly kiss, a real kiss. *Y/N*'s mom took a picture. Then they pulled away smiling. *Y/N*'s mom smiled all over her face and smiled. She called Pattie and told everything to her. Together they fangirled.

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