Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


10. 10th December

10th December.

Well yesterday was the one of the best days in your life and you woke up smiling. You could still feel Justin arms around you. You slowly took away his arms and stood up. You looked at the clock. Shit it was 7pm, one hours till school starts. You ran to the bath room. Of cause as stupid you are you forgot to find any clothes. You groaned and sighed. 'I will find it after' you thought and stepped into the hot shower. It was nice to feel the hot water on your skin, it was relaxing. You hurried to wash your hair, shave your legs and so on and wash your body. You went out, took a towel around your body and one around your hair. You walks to your room and shouted while you found some clothes, "Justin you need to get up, the school starts in 40 minutes." Justin didn't wake up, but your first saw that when you've found your clothes and had taken it on. You walked over to him and shook him until he woke up. He slowly opens his eyes, "morning sweetheart." "Morning Jussy, you need to get up, the school begins in 35 minutes" you said and smiled. He closed his eyes again and was about to sleep again, when you shook him again, "no no you need to get up now." He slowly opens his eyes again and smiled. "I will give you 5 minutes Bieber, then you have to get up" you said and giggled. You walked over and took on some make-up and let your hair fall down your shoulders. You smiled and walked back to Justin, he wasn't awake. "Justin" you said and stroke his cheek, "you have to get out of that bed now, or we will be late for school." "I don't want to" he groaned with closed eyes. "You need to" you said and tried to lift him up, but you failed and fell down on him in stead. He was about to kiss you, when you got up and smiled teasingly, "you can get a kiss when your done." He smiled and got up. He went to bath and took on some clothes. He had some of his clothes here, why you didn't know. He sat hair, so it looked perfect, them he came over to me, begging for a kiss. You made out for a minute. Both of you pulled away and made your way down stairs. "Morning kids" your mom said and smiled. "Morning" you and Justin said smiling. It was 7.45 am. "Mom we gotta go now it's 7.45, love you" you said and went to take your jacket and scarf on with Justin. "Wait *Y/N*" she said and took your arm. "Wait here Justin" you said and followed her. "Your sure Justin don't like you as more than a friend" she asked you. You smiled and nodded, "we're just best friends mom." "But he is totally crazy about you" she said and smiled. "Yeah right mom, see ya" you said and ran out to Justin. And the two of went to school. 

*at English*

"Okay so you must work together two and two, for this project and it has to be a girl and boy. The project is about USA, good luck" your teacher said. You looked back at Justin and he nodded, you smiled and turned around again. "Well it looks like you already have made a deal with your classmates, just go in your groups then and find a date were you can make your projects, you have to 19th December" your teacher said and laughed. Justin came up to you and smiled, "hey sweetie." "Hi Justy" you said and smiled. You didn't have to find a date you are together everyday now. "I can help your mom to pack, she don't have to do it alone" he said and smiled. "Awe your sweet Jussy and I'm sure she'd love that" you and smiled happily at him. He was so sweet and caring and funny and he was pretty hot. But right now you didn't see him as a boyfriend, just as a best friend. You've just broken up with your boyfriend. "Okay sweetie" he said and smiled. 

*at lunch*

All the boys were at your table, except Jake, he sat with a girl totally lonely and stared at me and Justin. "Is it always like this sweetie" Justin whispered in your ear, so they couldn't hear it. You nodded and smiled, "yep, every single day." "Come on I need to show you something" he said and took you away from the table. You followed him. "I actually... Like um, kinda feel jealous. All these boys is surrounding you........" he said and scratched his neck, looking down. "Seriously" you laughed, "these boys are stupid, I don't like them, they are jerks." "But why do you talk to them then" he asked looking up at you. "Because, I don't want them to hate me, but you should know that your the only boy I actually like" you said and kissed his cheek. "Okaay then sweetie, let's get going again, then, I'm starving" he said and you walked back to the cafeteria together. You felt Jakes eyes rest on you and Justin as you came into the cafeteria again. I bet he wondered why we weren't holding hands. If he only knew. You smiled and sat down at your table. "You look really beautiful today" one of the boys said to you and smiled. "Yeah really" all the other agreed. "Thanks" you said and smiled at them. You felt Justin move in his seat and cleared his throat. You looked at him and smiled. 

*after school*

You and Justin just got out of the school, when you heard someone shout after you, you sighed and turned around, then you saw Jake. "I will be back in two seconds Justin" you said to him and kissed his cheek. Justin watched every single move you did. As you came over to Jake, he grabbed your arm and kissed you. You quickly pulled away and slapped his face, "your asshole, what the fuck are you doing" you shouted. "Kissing you" he said and smiled. "Shut up, your crazy" you exclaimed and started to walk over to Justin, but he grabbed your arm and pulled you into him and started to kiss you again, you tried to get free but you couldn't, you screamed through the kiss. You felt some arms around your waist and someone pulling you away from him. It was Justin. "Thank you Justin" you cried out and hugged him. You've never tried that before and you got a shock, so that's why your crying. "Your welcome sweetie" he said and pulled away. "What the fuck do you your doing" Justin said angry and looked at Jake, "she is not a toy." "Kissing her jerk" he said cheeky and looked at Justin. "How dare you, I swear if you bother her one more time I will break every single bone in your body" Justin said angry and walked over to you, leaving Jake speechless. "Thank you Justin"you said and smiled. He stopped to walk and turned to you, "your welcome sweetie. Now don't cry, he doesn't deserve your tears, he is just a jerk." You giggled, "what you did there was brave thank you Justin. You are a so much better kisser than him." "I know" he said and smiled a charming smile. You took a step closer to him and his soft lips hit yours in a beautiful and sweet kiss. You both didn't want it to end, but you had to. "Sorry" you said and started to walk. "Why sorry" Justin asked. "I'm not ready for a relationship and I-" he cut me of, "I'm not ready either and just because we kiss don't mean that we have to be dating or something." "Thank you you understand me so well" you said and hugged him.

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