Something Great<3

Zoey has kept a low profile her whole life. She's smart and can easily make friends. Living in California has been the best thing in her life. She's met some amazing people and found herself floating in the pool of love. Will she be able to keep her low profile? Will she be able to succeed in love? Read and find out :)


4. Dinner:)

Zoey's POV:

I had put on some black tight skinny jeans and a blue tank top. On the way there Harry kept messing with me about my drunken adventure last night. Being around Harry I felt like a kid even though we were the same age. We pulled up to the restaurant and he opened my door for me like the gentleman he is. We walked inside to see the other guys laughing and messing around. I shook my head when I saw Louis checking out the waitress's ass. I walked up behind him and playfully hit the back of his head.
"Oww..." He rubbed the back of his head.
I took my seat next to Harry and gave Louis a cheeky smile. 
"You look hot tonight Zoe." Louis said with a cheeky grin.
"You don't look too bad either." I winked.
I couldn't find the strength to look over at Niall or Liam so I kept my glances towards the others. I felt my phone vibrating so I looked down at my lap. It was a text from Angie.
From: Angiebear<3
Hey doll! I found this awesome new place, wanna crash it with me later? :)
To: Angiebear<3
Sure Angie sounds like a plan! :)
"I'm guessing since you haven't looked at us you remembered last night?" Niall spoke up taking my attention off my phone.
"..Uhh...." I stared at my food.
"I take that as a yes." Liam laughed.
I felt myself start blushing like crazy again. I looked up to see Zayn zoned off into space. He looked like he was in deep thought but yet I couldn't figure him out which bugged me. 
"Zayn?" I questioned.
"Hmm?" He blinked a couple of times before connecting eyes with me. "Sorry."
I gave him a soft caring smile which caused a smile to appear on his face. 
"What happened last night?" Louis asked.
"Nothing important!" I said.
"Zoe got drunk!" Harry laughed. "And said some interesting things about us all."
"What did you say about me Zoe?" Louis asked getting closer to me.
Might as well tell them Zoey. They'll find out one way or another, so might as well me from you. Wait are you nuts? Don't tell them!!
"N-nothing..." I lied while my face turned a soft shade of red.
After an hour or two of catching up I told them that I was meeting up with Angie. They all gave me a weird look before giving me hugs goodbye. Angie picked me up outside the restaurant and we headed to the new place she found. 

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