What the...?! (Harry Styles FanFic)

Cataleya is your average 18 yrs. old sophomore in East Morphou University, blue-eyed lady with a small snowflake birthmark that everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE finds weird and unusual. Her parents died in a horrible fire accident, she was at school that day and didn't even had a good farewell to her loving creators. The birthmark is the source of a special "talent" since birth, from then on, she and her sisters put walls to avoid everyone and live normally yet it didn't came true

Harold, or his friends & family call him, Harry is your not-that-rich 18 yrs. old heartthrob, green-eyed freshman of EMU. He and his brothers have identical cross tattoo on their ankles and a weird birthmark, which is his initial on his wrist.

As Leya packs her things up to leave chemistry class, she met a freshman of EMU. Will this change her and her sisters' life and living? Will it be a happy ending?

(A/N: Sorry if the prologue isn't as good as it looks guys... hope you can support this story. <3 –DJG19)


3. Illusion or Real? (Part 2)

Harry's POV


"Home, Bros" i shouted as I enter our house


"Hey, Bro" they said in unison


"Why did you come here late?" Edward asked as he place his feet on top of the coffee table


"Yeah... I saw Caitlyn today & she said you have assignments" Marcel said, with a mix of warning tone


"Well, I do but–" I explained but Marcel cut me off


"What? You want me to do it for you, mister?" Marcel asked sarcastically while putting his hand on his hips and chuckling after his weirdness


"No, of course. I can do it myself. Anywho, I met someone" I said wiggling my eyebrows and smirking when suddenly–


"Tell us, tell us, tell us" they both chanted in front of me


"Well, I don't know her name. I mean we don't know each others name" I said laughing while saying that cuz Edward facepalmed


"As I was saying, we don't know each others name but the weird thing is–" a phone ringing abrupted our conversation. Edward pulled his phone out "Seriously?!" I exclaimed and he switched it off


"Sorry, forgot Ezekiel's gonna call" then he shoved it back in his pocket and listened attentively to what I was about to say


"Before we were interrupted, the weird thing is after she give me a tour & I quickly ran off, I don't know why, maybe cuz of shyness, I bumped to her on the way here & I saw her eyes were now green but earlier, before I ran off, I swear her eyes are blue" I said


"Interesting, no?" Marcel said in a Mario accent XD


"Yea––– wait... what? It's not interesting!" I defended


"Harry grew up so fast" Edward faked cry and sob on Mar's shoulder. I rolled my eyes & laughed


"You finish there actor?" I asked gesturing to his so called 'wonderful' acting


"Yeah... now I must roll~~~" he said and head to his bedroom


I just ate the turkey sandwhich I made & got ready to bed.




(A/N: So here is the second part of Illusion or real? in Harry's POV. Hope you like it. Anywho, comment what you think about this for improvement. thanks! Lots of love <3   -DJG19)

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